Anjali is back with fresh controversies

Anjali is back with fresh controversies

Anjali is back in news for all the wrong reasons again. The actress failed to attend the shoot of her Tamil flick 'Oor Suttri Puranam' on April 24th, forcing director Kalanyiyam to cancel the shoot.

'Oor Suttri Puranam' is a heroine-centric film and Anjali plays the lead role. She had shot for 15 days for the film and ever since her family issues and harassment she has undergone came to light, she remained inaccessible for the unit members. As director Kalanyiyam is also producing the flick and had already spent Rs 40 lakhs on the project, he has to wrap up the entire shoot at any cost. The filmmaker has now complained to the directors association and Nadigar Sangam (actor's association) seeking appropriate action against the actress.

On the other hand, Responding to the corpus petition filed by Anjali's aunt Bharati Devi that her daughter was missing, High Court issued summons to the actress directing her to appear before it on Friday.

Seems like the troubles for Anjali willn't end anytime soon. She will have a bright future in films only if she could sort out all these issues as early as possible.