Baadshah’ Dialogues Just Rocking!

Baadshah’ Dialogues Just Rocking!

While the audio function of the movie was quickly wrapped up due to an unfortunate incident, the dialogues of the movie have now taken stand to delight fans. Here is quick look at the stunning one-liners of ‘Baadshah’.

Packed with action scenes, bomb blasts and bullet showers, Jr NTR’s forthcoming flick ‘Baadshah’ looks like a perfect meat for fans in summer. What catch the attentions of many are the dialogues uttered by Junior that are crisp and sharp with intensity.

Dialogues like, ‘Bayapadevaadu Baanisa! Bayapetteyvaadu Baadshah!!’, ‘Satruvuni kottalantey kasi vuntey saripodu, content vundali’ are making fans go merry. Also, Junior’s new style of dialogue delivery is simply amazing for timing and less shouting. Also the dialogue ‘Baadshah nu touch cheste sound solid ga vuntundi’ is simply describing the flavour of this movie. They are not dialogues but just paths to success and roads to blockbuster, say fans.