Heroine Roja caught with tattoo on her hotspot

Heroine Roja caught with tattoo on her hotspot

Many of the tollywood celebrities inherited the Tatoo culture from B town and we had witnessed many young actresses with their special kind of tattoos on their favorite hotspots.

Heroines use the tattoos to enhance their glamour spots and obviously some design in the hotspot will get more attention than planed skin. Chennai dusky siren trisha is having fish tattoo on her cleavage which was enthralled her fans.Curly haired beauty tapsee also attracted may eyes by wearing tattoo on her waist part.

But here is one more lady joined in the tattoo league, but surprisingly it’s a middle aged beauty and former heroine Roja .Many got surprised by spotting the tattoo of Roja .Roja has actually got a tattoo inscribed on hot spot that was made famous by black beauty Trisha.

Roja sketched an art piece on her left chest and it’s not clear whether it is a butterfly, flower or some words.Some of the enthusiastic amateur photographers clicked their cameras when they spotted the lady on audio function.

Some say she actually got the name of her husband Selvamani tattooed there, while others feel it is just an art design of some flowers.