Hot Anchor's Candid Revelations On TV

Hot Anchor's Candid Revelations On TV

One of the top anchor and TV host of Telugu television at the moment happens to be a guest on a news channel's show on the eve of Woman's day. The revelations made by her are quite candid and sounded true.

Known for her talkativeness and tall figure, sparkling siren Udaya Bhanu is  the queen of anchors at the moment. Participating in a special woman's day show on a news channel, she revealed how she was targeted by her enemies in industry. 'Whenever I'm scaling heights, there are these hot rumours around my affairs with various people. But I never take them seriously and that is the reason for my successes', says Udayabhanu who is almost completing a glorious 18 years career in Telugu industry. She feels that not making friendship with industry people will always helps in growing.

Many a times, lot of rumours are heard about this dazzling siren, but what matters is her success quotient only. Lets us wish Udaya Bhanu all the best for her future endeavours.