'Kissing' no big deal for this Hottie

'Kissing' no big deal for this Hottie

Priya Anand who has done quite a few lovemaking scenes in her past films clarifies she is open to act in intimate scenes if the script demands them.

"I have locked lips with my co-stars in '180' and 'Ko Ante Koti'. Thankfully, both the scenes were shot aesthetically and no one has complained that I have done something vulgar until now. I've no problem to do intimate scenes unless if they does't look forced," says the beauty .

The actress also make it clear she isn't dating anyone and consciously stays away from smoking, drinking and partying. She is in good terms with all the people whom she worked with till date and that's a reflection of her friendly nature.

Off late, Priya Anand is winning the hearts of people with her curvy figure and one big hit could take her to the top league. Hopefully this sensuous lady achieves stardom one day!