One more 24-hour News Channel in AP

One more 24-hour News Channel in AP

Until now, we are having about 15 24-hour news channels in Andhra Pradesh. A new channel named 'TV 6' is the new entrant to provide round-the-clock news.

Reports hint, Venkata Krishna who recently quit TV5 is operating this new channel and the rumors in circulation say it is owned by TDP president Chandrababu Naidu. The caption of the channel 'Adhiredi Ledu, Bedhiredi Ledu' is catchy. 'Drushyam - Durbadyam; Aksharam - Ayudham; Alochana - Anvastram; Nibaddathe Maa Audham' is said to be the mantra of this channel.

Currently, The Media House has been focusing on hiring of efficient journalists to cover the news items all over the World. Already, there is huge competition between the news channels in AP. Could TV6 survive in the current scenario and show it's mark?