Secret behind Allari Naresh Laddu Babu look

Secret behind Allari Naresh Laddu Babu look

Allari Naresh was shown as a man weighing over 200 kilos in his upcoming flick Laddu Babu which is being directed by Ravi Babu of Allari and Anasuya fame. Here are some of facts about the makeover...

1) Two expert team have flown from London. While one team focussed on preparing the prosthetic make-up, other team was involved in applying and removing the make up on the sets.

2) The prosthetic make-up material weighs 23 kilos and it can be used only one time. While the hands and legs weigh 2 kgs and 4 kgs respectively, chin alone weighs about a half kilo.

3) Allari Naresh has to spend 8 hours daily on make-up alone - 6 hours to apply, 2 hours to remove.

This shows the kind of effort Laddu Babu unit have put in the project. Wish the film turns successful to make everyone forget the pain they suffered at the time of making.