What will be the new capital for Andhra?

What will be the new capital for Andhra?

Decision has over on Telangana and Hyderabad will stand as common capital for next ten years until formation of new capital. All Seemandhra people got shocked by the separation and unable to digest, anyway it’s all part of the political game. Now  it’s time to think about the new capital and the question is where it will be formed?

As per the sources revealed central home ministry considering three places to form new capital. Gannavaram, Ongole and Kurnool  were the places among  them. Gannavaram is the first option as It was situated at a distance of 20 kilometers from the city of Vijayawada and its having Airport and IT infrastructure as well. Next option will be the Ongole which is near to Rayalaseema and Andhra as well .The final option is Kurnool, Which is the earlier capital and central is considering this to pamper people of Rayalaseema .

No one knows which will be the new capital and all are having their own views and calculations.Already real boom has started in all above three areas and people are showing interest to put investments on those places. Real estate tycoons already started purchasing the lands in all the mentioned areas. No one is thinking about the people sentiment regarding separation and after all its about money and politics.