Who is this Sampoornesh Babu?

Who is this Sampoornesh Babu?

The name 'Sampoornesh Babu' is heard more often in the film circles these days. Who is this 'Sampoornesh Babu' actually?

'Sampoornesh Babu' is a budding hero who is making his acting debut with the flick 'Hrudaya Kaleyam' which has a tagline 'A Kidney With A Heart'. He is creating a sensation with unusual posters of the flick and promotions in the name of 'Rashtra Sampoornesh Yuvatha'.

Sampoornesh's idea to grab the attention of film lovers worked big time. Even ace filmmaker Rajamouli was surprised with the fact that such a film was made on Telugu screen. "Is this true?? I mean is this REALLY REALLY true???? Thanks guys. Getting back to work..'Sampoornesh' and 'hrudayakaaleyam' made my day," commented the director.

'Hrudaya Kaleyam' is said to be a parody of bad filmmaking. Let's see if it entertains or ends up as another disaster!