Anando Brahma

Fri Aug 18 2017 GMT+0530 (IST)

Anando Brahma

Movie Review: Anando Brahma

Rating: 2.75/5

Cast: Tapsee, Srinivas Reddy, Vennela Kishore, Shakalaka Shankar, Thagubothu Ramesh, Rajiv Kanakala, Raja Ravindra, Vijay Chander, Supreeth, Tanikella Bharani and Others.

Music: Krishna Kumar

Aneesh Tarun Kumar

Producers: Vijay Chilla-Sasi Devireddy

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Mahi K Raghav

Release Date: 18th of August 2017

Since her debut, Tapsee has mostly done glamour roles in Telugu. 'Ganga' (Muni 3) changed the perception of audience about her. She earned critical acclaim with the Bollywood flick 'Pink' but her recent release 'Naam Shabana' wasn't appreciated much. After a long gap, Tapsee is making a comeback in TFI with 'Anando Brahma'. Mahi K Raghav who made his debut with a feel-good movie 'Patashala' directed this horror comedy. New Concept & Impressive presentation in promos generated good buzz. Let's see how this movie has shaped up…


A NRI plans to sell his Ancestral Home but none of the Buyers come forward believing the property is haunted by a Ghost. Siddhu (Srinivas Reddy), a waiter, enters into a deal with the NRI for proving there are no evil spirits in the House and he gets 20% commission if he successfully accomplishes the mission. Sidhu enters the house with 3 Other Guys (Vennela Kishore, Tagubothu Ramesh and Shakalaka Shankar). What happened to them after entering the house? How does Tapsee fit into this story? Watch 'Anando Bramha' to know more!


Casting & Performances are the biggest assets for 'Anando Brahma'. Tapsee suited the role to the T and she did a fine job. It's the Comedians Batch which stood as pillars for this movie. Srinivas Reddy moulded himself as per the requirement of the script instead of trying to project himself as a Hero. Vennela Kishore entertains in 'Recheekati' role. Shakalaka Shankar generates more humour than any other Comedian with mimicry-mono action skills and imitation of Chiru-Pawan. Even Tagubothu Ramesh entertains in his trademark drunkard role. Both Rajeev Kanakala and Vijay Chander did justice to their roles:


Novel Concept

Four Comedians

Second Half


Introduction of Characters

More time taken to Establish Story


Background Score by Krishna Kumar and Cinematography by Aneesh Tarun Kumar creates a new feel altogether. Production Values were appreciable. Good quality output can be seen throughout the movie despite limited budget and very few locations. Director Mahi K Raghav established himself as good story teller with this movie. He choose a novel concept and his narration style is laudable. He extracted the best output from Cast & Crew. On the flip side, He took a lot of inspiration from old movies for many sequences and the tempo keeps fluctuating.


Plenty of Horror Comedy Films have been made in Telugu already. The core concept of all these projects is one and the same - Comedy Batch enters Bungalow, Humour generated with scary experiences, Flashback of Ghost & Revenge on Main Antagonist. Even 'Anando Brahma' is being made in a similar format but it comes with a Twist. Here, Ghosts get scared of Humans not the other way around. Director revealed this new concept in the first look promo itself to arouse curiosity among movie buffs. It's a challenge to generate humour after revealing such a key element. Director Mahi K Raghav succeeded in this attempt to some extent.

Sequences of Ghosts getting scared of Humans are the USP of 'Anando Brahma'. New Concept & Comedy in regular intervals make this movie a time-pass fare. In the beginning, Audio get excited watching Ghosts projected as Humans & Humans projected as Ghosts. But, Viewers get the feeling of watching a regular horror comedy after a point.

Introduction Scenes of Comedy Batch look very ordinary and too much time is being taken to get into the actual story. The tempo picks up after the Comedy Batch enter the haunted house. Sequences between Ghosts & Humans in the Second Half are thoroughly entertaining. Especially, The scenes of Vennela Kishore and Shakalaka Shankar are hilarious. Though logic goes missing in few scenes, Audience doesn't bother about it as they have tickled the funny bone. Tempo maintained for half-an-hour in Second Half drops in Pre-Climax and the movie gets predictable thereafter.

Narration is impression but the tempo keeps changing in 'Anando Brahma'. Lack of songs & a crisp run-time of two hours worked in it's favour. Core Concept, Good Performances and Few Hilarious Scenes are the positives of this horror comedy.    

Bottom Line:
Horror Comedy with a Twist!