Sat Aug 05 2017 GMT+0530 (IST)


Movie Review: Darsakudu

Rating: 2.25/5

Cast: Ashok, Eesha Rebba, Poojitha, Sudarshan, Noel, Gemini Suresh and Others.

Music: Sai Kartheek

Cinematography: Praveen Anumolu

Producer : Vijay Kumar-Thomas Reddy-Ravi Chandra

Story-Screenplay-Dialogues-Direction: Jakka Hari Prasad

Release Date: 4th of August 2017

With 'Kumari 21F', Sukumar proved how he could make good use of the subjects he can't direct. He now introduced his Brother's Son Ashok as Hero with 'Darsakudu'. Jakka Hari Prasad, a dear friend of Suku, is being launched as Director with this subject. Has Sukumar overcame 2nd Film Syndhrome?


Mahesh (Ashok) aspires to be a Director. After narrating a subject to a Producer, He gets the feedback that Romance is missing in it because he hadn't fallen in love. Producer promises to take the film on floors if he includes a beautiful romantic track. While he was in search of romance track, Mahesh accidentally meets Costume Designer Namrata (Eesha Rebba) during a journey. Namrata gets smitten by Mahesh but he tries to use the bonding for the sake of movie instead of feeling/respecting her emotions. So, Namrata parts ways with Mahesh. What happened to the dream of this Aspiring Director thereafter & How did the Love Story end?


Ashok is a complete misfit either to play the Hero or for the role of a Director. With too many limitations in acting, He appears with a blank face in many crucial scenes. Eesha Rebba overshadowed him with her impressive performance. She scores brownie points with her natural acting and good dialogue delivery. Heroine Poojitha looks beautiful and performs decently. Sudarshan and Gemini Suresh have done a good job in their respective roles.


Novel Concept

Eesha Rebba

First Half


Casting Ashok as Hero

No feel in Love Track



Music composed by Sai Kartheek is an asset for 'Darsakudu'. He has given a feel-good Rerecording to elevate the scenes. Emotional Song towards the end is pretty good. Rest of the Songs are okay. Camera Work by Praveen Anumolu is effective. Production Values are decent. Writer in Jakka Hari Prasad scores more points than as a Director. He showed good command on the craft with few scenes in the First Half, especially the pre-interval sequence. Biggest drawback could be the casting of Hero. He also failed to handle the Second Half properly.


Movies based on Film Industry is a rarity. Few years ago, Puri Jagannanth made the movie 'Neninthe' which threw a light on lives of people in the glamour field. And now, Sukumar's Friend Hari Prasad came up with a movie on the mental struggle a Person goes through while aspiring to be a Director and after grabbing the opportunity. The Filmmaker took a huge risk in his maiden attempt itself. Choosing a different subject could be half-job done, but Execution is the key. That's where Hari Prasad faultered!

In 'Darsakudu', Hero sees every life experience from a Director's point of view and uses them as per his convenience in the film making process. This concept and Hero's characterization looks refreshing. Despite a nice plot, Journey with the Director gets tedious after a point.

Hero's Characterization keeps the proceedings interesting in the First Half. Lack of feel in the Love Story tests the patience of Audience. Too much Cinematic Liberties have been taken by the Director in Second Half and Viewers get the feeling of watching an ordinary film by the end.

Patch-up of Hero-Heroine & the scenes showing emotional bond between them weren't executed well. Audience disconnect with the role of Protagonist many times. The result could have been a lot different had if a promising Actor played the lead role. 'Darsakudu' starts on a promising note but ends miserably.

Bottom Line: Good Plot - Poor Execution!