Fri Jul 21 2017 GMT+0530 (IST)


Movie Review: Fidaa

Rating: 3/5

Varun Tej, Sai Pallavi, Saichand, Raja, Satyam Rajesh, Harshavardhan Rane, Geeta Bhaskar, Manisha and Others

Music: Shakti Kanth

Cinematography: Vijay C Kumar

Dil Raju

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Sekhar Kammula

Release Date: 21st of July 2017

Films of Sekhar Kammula used to be very refreshing, be it 'Anand', 'Godavari', 'Happy Days' and 'Leader'. Somewhere, This Sensible Filmmaker lost the track...'Life is Beautiful' & 'Anamika' had disappointed big time. 'Fidaa' is one film Sekhar Kammula is very confident since the day he had a bound script in hand. Has his judgement been proven right?


Varun (Varun Tej), who is pursuing medicine in USA, flews down to a village in Telangana for the engagement of his Brother. After the marriage gets finalized, He gets to spend sometime with bride's Sister Bhanumati (Sai Pallavi) and love blossoms between them. They, however, hide their feelings for each other till the wedding is done. Varun proposes to Bhanumati after returning to US but she rejects it. Why did she do so despite madly in love with Varun? Do watch this breezy romantic entertainer in theatres near you to know how did their Love Story ended!


After 'Premam', Sai Pallavi mesmerizes with her performance yet again. She deserves all the praise for pulling off a role of a Telangana Girl to perfection despite being a Malayali. It's never easy for a debutante Actress to get the Telangana dialect right. Not to forget her superb comic timing. While she steals the show with bubbliness in First Half, Emotional Performance in the Second Half will touch the hearts.

Varun Tej did a terrific job. He moulded himself well as per the demand of the character and his maturity levels were visible. A Director's Actor for sure!

Senior Actor Sai Chand got into the skin of the character. He is so natural as Heroine's Father. Raja who played Hero's Brother, Heroine's Sister, Geeta Bhaskar (Tarun Bhaskar's Mom) who played Heroine's Mother-in-Law and Satyam Rajesh have done justice to their roles.


Sai Pallavi


Feel-Good Moments


Predictable Storyline

Slow Paced Second Half


Sekhar Kammula's Mark is evident in all of his films irrespective of Technicians and so is 'Fidaa'. All the departments have worked in tandem to deliver the output he expects from them. Shakti Kanth has given a feel good music. You could sense a feel in songs & background score. All the songs are situational & they have been picturized well. Cameraman Vijay C Kumar presented even Banswada so beautifully. Sekhar's Contribution can't be ignored here. Production Values are up to the standards maintained by Dil Raju's banner. 'Fidaa' reminds us of Sekhar Kammula in the early years of his career. Characterizations of Lead Pair, Dialogues, Telangana Dialect and Beautiful Moments created by him deserves a special mention. He, however, should have focussed more on the story in Second Half.


'Fidaa' is a relaunch for Sekhar Kammula as Director. Audience gets to see vintage Kammula & emotionally connects with the characters created by him. Love, Humour & Emotion in the first hour will make movie buffs who had forgotten him turn into his fans again. However, The screenplay in the Second Half is predictable to say the least & even a bit slow paced at times.

Until now, We have seen Filmmakers use Telangana dialect mostly for the roles of Villains & Comedians. In 'Fidaa', Sekhar Kammula made Heroine play the role of Telangana Girl & get the rural dialect perfectly. Once again, He penned a strong woman character and roped a brilliant performer like Sai Pallavi who entertains & moves the viewers. This movie could have appeared pretty ordinary if not for this role.

Conversations between Varun Tej & Sai Pallavi were so nicely designed. After Varun offers an advise, Female Lead replies: 'Paisallev'. When he asks what does that mean, She says: 'Phukatla Nenedi Thesukonu'. Ther are ample such beautiful scenes in 'Fidaa'.

Feel-Good Moments & Comedy entertains the Audience thoroughly in the First Half. Whereas, There is a bit of lag in the Second Half. The reasons cited for widening gap between Lead Pair looks unconvincing & Climax appears a bit forced. A few scenes appear repetitive. Though there are some good moments in Second Half, Lack of entertainment on par with First Half is a drawback. Overall, 'Fidaa' is a feel-good entertainer with a strong family emotion...You can surely watch it this Weekend!

Bottom Line:
Watch it for Sai Pallavi!