Gautham Nanda

Fri Jul 28 2017 GMT+0530 (IST)

Gautham Nanda

Movie Review: Gautham Nanda

Rating: 2.25/5

Cast: Gopichand, Hansika, Catherine Tresa, Sachin Khedekar, Chandramohan, Seetha, Tanikella Bharani, Vennela Kishore, Bithiri Satti and Others.

Music: SS Thaman

Cinematography: Soundar Rajan

Bhagwan & Pulla Rao

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Sampath Nandi

Release Date:
28th of July 2017

Gopichand had a huge setback in the form of 'Soukyam' & long-delayed project 'Aaradugula Bullet' after career-best grosser 'Loukyam'. On the other hand, Sampath Nandi delivered just average grossers like 'Racha' & 'Bengal Tiger' so far. Producers Bhagwan & Pulla Rao incurred huge losses in their maiden attempt, 'Rebel'. Even Hansika & Catherine weren't in great form either. All of these people who were going through a bad patch have come together to create a commercial entertainer like 'Gautham Nanda'. Let's see if too many minuses can become one big plus...


Gautham (Gopichand), a billionaire, decides to end his life out of frustration. That's when he gets to meet Nanda (Gopichand), his lookalike, who was born and brought-up in a slum. Upon sharing their stories to eachother, They decide to inter-change their identities. What consequences does these two face forms rest of the tale.


Gautham Nanda is Gopichand's show all the way. He breathed life into both the characters and delivered one of his career best performance while showing variations. The look he obtained for the billionaire's role will be appreciated. He excelled in the sequence after the big twist gets unraveled.  

Among Female Leads, Catherine Tresa scores brownie points with glamour show. She bowls the youth and masses with her Bikini Sequence but there is nothing much to say about performance. Hansika appears to be a complete misfit to play the role of slum girl.

Chandramohan and Tanikella played their characters to perfection. Sachin Khedekar have little scope to perform. Ajay, Mukesh Rushi and Nikhitan Dhir were alright. Vennela Kishore & Bithiri Satti tickles the funny bone.



Catherine's Glamour

Pre-Climax Twist

Production Values





'Gautham Nanda' is technically sound. Music by SS Thaman is okay & Background Score is worth praising. Camera Work by Soundar Rajan deserves a special mention as Rich Visuals gave an feeling of watching a Top Star's Flick. Once again, Sampath Nandi showcased his command on picturization of songs. Grand Production Values are the major asset of this entertainer. Editing isn't crisp. Unnecessary Scenes & a Song should have been removed for making the proceeding entertaining. Even the pace of the movie would have been good had if certain portions were chopped off. Sampath Nandi executed the main twist in the subject so well but he failed to keep the audience glued to the screens until it was revealed because of predictable screenplay.


First things first, Production Values of 'Gautham Nanda' are much better than what Movie Buffs expect from a Gopichand-starrer. Producers have spent lavishly and the rich visuals are an eye-feast. Gopichand carried the whole film on his shoulders with his terrific performance. Songs & Fights have been composed well. The film have ample commercial elements but what's missing here is a gripping screenplay.

We have seen Directors thrill the audience with Pre-Climax/Climax Twists in many films. The Twist in 'Gautham Nanda' is definitely good but it didn't sink well in the subject chosen. Impact could have been more had if Sampath Nandi narrated the story by maintaining good pace rather than including unwanted sequences.

Initial scenes of 'Gautham Nanda' give a feeling of watching a completely fresh subject. But, This impression has been shattered within few minutes with routine scenes. While the First Half is passable, Audience get impatient with Second Half with routine & repetitive sequences.

The crucial Twist lacked the thrill factor & even the Climax is just okay. Commercial Ingredients like Grandeur, Glamour & Songs Picturization have been pretty good. Overall, 'Gautham Nanda' is a good opportunity gone wasted.

Bottom Line:
Rich Visuals - Weak Content!