Fri Mar 03 2017 GMT+0530 (IST)


Movie Review: Gunturodu

Rating: 2.5/5

Cast: Manchu Manoj, Pragya Jaiswal, Sampath Raj, Rajendra Prasad, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Rao Ramesh, Satya, Praveen, Raja Ravindra and Others.

Music: DJ Vasanth

Cinematography: Siddharth Ramaswamy

Producer: Sri Varun Atluri

Story & Direction:
SK Satya

Release Date: 3rd March 2017

Manchu Manoj delivered two disasters (Shourya, Attack) last year. This time, He attempted a pucca mass masala entertainer 'Gunturodu' to bounce back. SK Satya who made his debut with 'Naa Rakumarudu' has wielded the megaphone. Will 'Gunturodu' give a boost to Manoj's career?


Kanna (Manchu Manoj) is hyper and very aggressive since childhood. Unknowingly, He gets into the wrong books of Criminal Lawyer Seshu (Sampath Raj) by injuring him badly. Since then, Seshu holds a grudge against Kanna and wants to kill him at any cost. In the meantime, Kanna falls in love with Amrita (Pragya Jaiswal). By the time she began reciprocating positively, Kanna comes to know about a shocking twist. How did his battle with Seshu end? Was the love story successful? Watch 'Gunturodu' to know more!


Masses will like Manoj's Role and his Energy Levels very much. He, however, should have taken better care on his looks. Fans will love the imitation of Mohan Babu while uttering few dialogues. Confrontation scenes of Manoj-Sampath & high-voltage action scenes were impressive.

Pairing of Manoj-Pragya Jaiswal looks quite odd. Pragya is gorgeous throughout the film but failed to impress with her performance.

Sampath Raj steals the show. His characterization, body language and diction were pleasing to watch. Rajendra Prasad has done a fine job. Kota Sinivasa Rao is alright. Rao Ramesh's Cameo didn't click well. Satya and Praveen are just okay.


Sampath Raj's Villainy

Hero-Villain Confrontation

High-Voltage Fights


Love Track

Lack of Comedy

Second Half


Songs composed by DJ Vasanth are fine. 'Champesina Champesina' is the best pick from the album. Background Score by Chinna is nothing special. Siddharth Ramaswamy's Camera Work is an asset, especially the way action blocks were presented. Production Values are decent. Director SK Satya seems to have taken inspiration from many super hit commercial subjects while penning the story & screenplay. His sole aim appears to be reaching out to the masses by packaging 'Gunturodu' with all the commercial ingredients. Don't expect anything afresh from this product!  


First things first, 'Gunturodu' is a movie which is solely meant for the Masses. An outdated template has been used by Director SK Satya and packaged it with necessary commercial elements. This is a project for those who doesn't mind enjoying routine commercial entertainers.

Sampath Raj's Characterization & his Performance stood as the highlight of 'Gunturodu'. Interval Bang has been executed well, though the twist isn't something one can't guess in advance. High-Voltage Action Sequences will be enjoyed by the masses as good intensity has been maintained. Father-Son Sentiment worked to some extent.

'Gunturodu - Love Lo Paddadu' - The tagline gives an impression that Love Story might be something special. Actually, Love Track is the weakest link in this movie. Some of the scenes featuring Manoj & Pragya look very silly. Lack of enough Comedy Quotient is an another huge setback.

The mind-game of Hero-Villain is pretty ordinary and hence the Second Half falls flat. Even the impressive fights at Interval Bang & Pre-Climax Sequence couldn't be a saving grace. Climax is being executed in a disappointing manner. Overall, 'Gunturodu' is a old wine in old bottle!

Bottom Line: Only for Front Benchers!