Hello Guru Prema Kosame

Thu Oct 18 2018 GMT+0530 (IST)

Hello Guru Prema Kosame

Movie Review: Hello Guru Prema Kosame

Rating: 2.5/5

Cast: Ram Pothineni, Anupama Parameswaran, Pranitha Subhash, Prakash Raj, Aamani, Sithara, Jayaprakash, Posani, Praveen & Others.

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Cinematography: Vijay K Chakravarthy

Story-Dialogues: Prasanna Kumar

Screenplay: Trinadha Rao Nakkina-Prasanna Kumar

Producer: Dil Raju

Director: Trinadha Rao Nakkina

Release Date: 18th October 2018

'Hello Guru Prema Kosame' is a crucial project for Ram, Anupama & Dil Raju as their past few projects were disappointing. Director Trinadha Rao Nakkina, on the other hand, aims for a hat-trick after 'Cinema Chupista Mama' & 'Nenu Local'. Can this Filmmaker who keeps repeating the same template bring good fortune to the trio?


Sanjay (Ram) lands in Hyderabad for an IT Job at the behest of his Father. He starts living in the house of Viswanadham (Prakash Raj) who happens to be his Mother's Friend. Sanjay falls in love with Viswanadham's Daughter (Anupama) who marriage will be fixed with another Person. What has Sanjay done to lead rest of the life in the company of his Soulmate?


In the boy-next-door role, Ram underplays as much as he can to offer a settled performance & reminds his character in 'Nenu Sailaja' a lot. That ever-lasting charm & impeccable ease are a delight to watch. He is at his very best in scenes with Prakash Raj, Anupama and Pranitha.

Character of Anupama Parameswaran neither have the required depth or importance in the story. Yet, She manages to leave her mark in the limited screen time offered to her. Anupama did try to match the energy levels and dancing calibre of Ram in the dance number.

Playing the role of Father to a Girl & Uncle to a Young Man, Prakash Raj carried most of the film on his shoulders & stood as a major asset to the movie.

No brownie points for Pranitha Subhash. Be it her look or role, None of them are impressive. Sithara, Posani, Aamani & Praveen have done justice to their roles.


Ram-Prakash Raj Combo

First Half


Lacklustre Narration

Romantic Track

Second Half


None of the Tunes composed by Devi Sri Prasad have been chartbusters. They appear tad too routine instead of like a breath of fresh air. DSP have the track record of compensating poor album with impressive Background Score. The Rockstar, however, disappoints with BGM as well for the Ram-starrer.

Cinematography by Vijay K Chakravarthy is fine. Art Work is okay. Editing is mediocre. Production Values are good but not the best from Sri Venkateswara Creations. Writer Prasanna Kumar preferred the same old Son-in-Law & Father-in-Law thread which proved lucky for him be it with 'Cinema Chupista Mama' or 'Nenu Local'. Though Story looks lacklustre, Dialogues provided by him are worthy of mentioning.

Director Trinadha Rao Nakkina continued to serve old wine in new bottle once again. Predictable Story/Screenplay makes his efforts worthless. Trinadha Rao should attempt something different the next time he wields the megaphone as repeating the same formula all the time will prove futile.


'Hello Guru Prema Kosame' is a commercial film meant solely for providing entertainment. Makers tried to prepare the movie buffs accordingly prior to the release. Template chosen by Trinadha Rao Nakkina is no way different from 'Cinema Chupista Mama' and 'Nenu Local' - Comedy/Romantic Scenes in the First Half, Challenge between Hero-Heroine's Father in the Second Half & Film ends on a happy note after Hero brings a change in Heroine's Father. Undoubtedly, This Ram & Anupama-starrer is a time pass fare but expecting anything beyond entertainment is strictly unwarranted.

Many scenes in 'Hello Guru Prema Kosame' are illogical. The Proposal Sequence involving Ram & Pranitha is one of them. Even when Hero shares about his Love Story with his Uncle, The Elderly Gentleman opposes it as a Girl's Father & encourages him as a Friend. This point which motivated the whole unit to believe it's gonna work appears very unconvincing.

First Half is entertaining with many light-hearted moments. Pre-Interval Episode in the combination of Ram, Pranitha & Prakash Raj worked big time. Ram & Prakash Raj took the responsibility of generating fun. Scenes canned in the Software Office Setup entertains. Ram-Anupama Track is just alright. Lack of any scenes establishing the strengthening of bond between the Lead Pair is a major drawback.

After Ram informs Prakash Raj that he loves his Daughter, The momentum slips with lack of conviction in the sequences related to the 30 Days Challenge. This is where repetitive scenes spoil the interest of the viewers. By the time film nears Climax, People wait for the moment they will be allowed to leave the theatres due to the predictability. Overall, 'Hello Guru Prema Kosame' ends up as an ordinary product.

Bottom Line: Same Old Template!