Fri Nov 17 2017 GMT+0530 (IST)


Movie Review: Khakee


Cast: Karthi, Rakul Preet Singh, Abhimanyu Singh, Bose Venkat & Others

Music: Ghibran

Cinematography: Umesh Gupta-Subhash Gupta

Story-Screenplay-Direction: H Vinod

Release Date: 17th of November 2017

Karthi is one of the few Tamil Heroes who have a good following in Telugu States. Though his market dropped due to successive flops after 'Naa Peru Shiva', He continued to dub his films in Telugu. The action thriller starring Karthi & Rakul Preet Singh released Today. Let's check what it have to offer...


Dheeraj (Karthi), a honest cop, earns good reputation by successfully solving every case he takes up. Soon after his transfer, He takes charge of the robbery case involved by a notorious dacoit gang. How Dheeraj cracks this case forms rest of the story!


Karthi stood as a major asset for 'Khakee'. Audience get the feeling of watching a real cop because of his perfect look and impressive acting prowess. He worked so hard for the action episodes. Telugu Dubbing by Karthi should have been better.

Rakul Preet Singh plays a blink n miss role. Her character is just limited to half-an-hour in the first half.

Abhimanyu Singh is sensational as Main Antagonist. He got into the skin of the character & the detailing done for dacoit character is worth mentioning. Bose Venkat plays his part to perfection. All the members in the dacoit gang gave a natural performance.




Action Episodes


No Commercial Elements

Romantic Track

Slow Pace


Songs composed by Ghibran are just alright. Whereas, Background Score is awesome. Particularly, The Action Blocks have been elevated well with his composition. Suryan's Cinematography is flawless. He showcased the nativity in the villages of North India & action elements so well. Art Work is simply superb. Production Values are appreciable. Director Vinod made 'Khakee' based on real-life incidents & the research done by him is worth praising. He shows his expertise as Writer & Director in many sequences. Had if good pace was maintained in the Second Half, 'Khakee' could have been much better.  


'Khakee' is quite different from the numerous cop dramas we have watched so far. It's very realistic and makes people realize how tough the job of a cop is going to be. When the Hero who is DSP visits a place to crack a case, Villagers attack the cops & they escape from there with utmost difficulty. In another scene, Hero was shown facing difficulties due to lack of proper food. These scenes give an impression on how this movie is like.

In the process of making each and every scene close to the reality, Director failed to maintain the necessary pace & didn't even offer much importance to the run-time. 'Khakee' tests the patience of the audience at times because of these flaws.  

This Cop Drama is about how the Protagonist solves a long-pending sensational case. Soon after Hero takes up this case, All the other aspects including the Heroine takes a back seat and focus is only on how to chase the mystery. The way in which Dacoits operate & how they handle cops who fall in their traps has been presented very well. How the case which doesn't have any clues was resolved by hero has been showed in a detailed manner for almost two hours. Except for few thrilling scenes & action sequences, 'Khakee' appears more like a documentary. The riveting screenplay makes the whole film worth a watch.    

Director took his own sweet time for Hero's introduction & romantic track. The pace picks up after the protagonist takes charge of the dacoit case. Destruction caused by the Dacoit Gang in the pre-interval & the manner in which Hero reaches closer to them were showcased effectively. The scene where villagers target cops was filmed in an impressive way. A run-time of 2 hours 45 minutes and lack of no other point than hero catching the head of dacoit gang are the drawbacks. Climax is really thrilling. Overall, 'Khakee' is a realistic cop drama which can't be missed if you have patience to watch a lengthy flick.

Bottom Line: Khakee - A Riveting Cop Drama!