Kirrak Party

Fri Mar 16 2018 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kirrak Party

Movie Review: Kirrak Party!


Cast: Nikhil, Simran Pareenja, Samyukta Hegde, Rakendu Mouli, Brahmaji, Hemant, Shayaji Shinde and Others.

Music: Ajaneesh Loknath

Cinematography: Advaitha Gurumurthy

Ramabrahmam Sunkara

Story: Rishab Shetty

Screenplay: Sudheer Varma

Dialogues: Chandoo Mondeti

Direction: Saran Koppisetty

Release Date:
16th March 2018

Nikhil earned a good reputation with the choice of films he made since 'Swamy Ra Ra'. Now, He featured in the remake of Kannada blockbuster 'Kirrak Party'. Debutante Director Saran Koppisetty made this movie with dialogues provided by Chandoo Mondeti & screenplay by Sudheer Varma. This Youthful College-based Flick hit the screens Today.


Krishna (Nikhil), a first year engineering student, leads a happy life with his bunch of friends. He falls in love with his Senior Meera (Simran Pareenja) and she too responds positively upon realizing his sincerity. An unexpected incident happens at the time when everything looked absolutely perfect. How did it change the life of Krishna upside down and how was his remaining college life forms rest of the tale.


Nikhil's matured performance is a major asset to 'Kirrak Party'. He played the role with two different shades with utmost ease. While he appeared as a mischievous student in the initial half, Maturity that comes with age was beautifully portrayed in the second half. He was exceptionally good in the emotional sequences towards the Climax.

Simran Pareenja looks gorgeous but she doesn't score brownie points with acting prowess. Even Samyuktha Hegde fails to impress. Rakendu Mouli and Hemath as Hero's Friends does a fine job. Brahmaji, Shayaji Shinde and Sijju acted as per the requirement.




Last 20 Minutes


Lack of Hilarious Comedy

First Half



Ajaneesh Loknath who composed music for the original has been preferred for the remake as well. Both Songs and Background Score has been pretty good. Camera Work by Advaitha Gurumurthy is just okay. Production Values are alright. Not much changes were made to the original story. Nothing to find fault with Sudheer Varma's Screenplay & Chandoo Mondeti's Dialogues. Newbie Saran Koppisetty showed what he is capable of in few scenes but failed to adapt the script to suit Telugu Sensibilities. He should have made the college drama crisp.


Youth can relate to college-backdrop films so well & the outcome would be beyond expectations when such projects hit the bull's eye. The sensation created by 'Happy Days' is known to one and all. Even Today, People talk about this cult classic whenever there is a discussion on college-based movies. Today's release, 'Kirrak Party' have few similarities with the Sekhar Kammula-directorial.

Whoever watching 'Kirrak Party' will recall all the fun they had during their College Days. It runs with a good feel at few crucial moments. Whereas, Viewers willn't be completely satisfied with the final outcome due to the expectations they have on the project.

'Kirrak Party' is a journey of a youth from 'Freshers Day' in First Year to 'Farewell Day' in Final Year. Scenes showcasing ragging by seniors, college bunk, clash between students, men falling head over heels for college beauty and finally hero impressing his soulmate, You can see everything one expects from a college-backdrop flick. Though freshness was lacking, This movie guarantees time pass by entertaining and moving emotionally at times.

Story shifts to serious mode with the twist in the Interval. One expects the Second Half to be so intense after watching the Interval, but it's not the case in reality. Makers relied on light-hearted entertainment again after a bit of break. It's here the Audience feel boring with not much moment in the proceedings. Finally, The film gets back on the track in the last 20 minutes and moves viewers emotionally. Lengthy Run-Time, Not so perfect Screenplay and Unnecessary Scenes reduce the graph. Kannadigas might find it refreshing but Telugu Audience has already seen many such concepts so far. Overall, 'Kirrak Party' might reach to its target audience but it's certainly doesn't justify the crazy combination.

Bottom Line:
Time-Pass Party!