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Movie Review: LIE

Rating: 2.75/5

Cast: Nithin, Megha Akash, Arjun, Sriram, Ravi Kishan, Nasser, Madhu Nandan, Poornima, Suresh, Rajeev Kanakala, Pruthvi, Brahmaji and Others.

Music: Mani Sharma


Anil Sunkara-Ram Achanta-Gopi Achanta-Venkat

Hanu Raghavapudi

Release Date:
11th of August 2017

Hanu Raghavapudi proved he has got a good taste with 'Andala Rakshasi'. Though his debut movie just managed to get critical acclaim, He earned his first success with 'Krishnagaadi Veera Prema Gadha'. And now, This promising filmmaker is telling a 'LIE' to the Telugu Audience. Let's see what he managed to earn with his third project?


Satyam (Nithin) is a roadside romeo who's only aim is to settle in US by marrying a girl on the foreign soil. Unexpectedly, He gets an opportunity to visit America along with Chaitra (Megha Akash) and they fall in love during the course of time. On the other hand, Entire Indian Intelligence wing keeps hunting for notorious criminal Padmanabhan (Arjun) who works against the tri-colour nation from US. Aadi (Sriram) who is an IB Officer too comes to America. Satyam gets stuck in between Padmanabham & Intelligence Bureau. How this twist affected the life of Satyam & who wins the war forms rest of the tale.


Nithin's makeover is appreciable. Be it his look, mannerism or performance, Everything looks quite different from what he has done in his previous films. Attitude, Expression & Subtle Acting of Nithin were pleasing to watch. Overall, It's one of his career-best performances.

Mega Akash is just okay. She looks cute but doesn't have the oomph factor and sex appeal to make audience go crazy. Nothing much to say about her action prowess.

In terms of Acting, It's Action King Arjun who steals the show. He used all of his experience to get into the skin of the baddie role. Directors will create more characters keeping Arjun in mind upon watching 'LIE'.

Sriram and Nasser have done a fine job. Madhu Nandan is just okay. Pruthvi and Brahmaji doesn't create much impact.




Technical Finesse





'LIE' is technically sound. All the Technicians worked in tandem to deliver a high quality product. Songs composed by Mani Sharma are refreshing but none of them have chartbuster written allover it. Background Score is terrific to say the least & it elevated the scenes to the next level. Yuvraj's Camera Work is marvelous. The whole film appears so rich through his lens. Production Values are laudable and good budget has been provided without bothering about the market estimates. Once again, Hanu Raghavapudi makes audience realize he is someone who constantly attempts something afresh. On the flip side, Love Track & Narration could have been dealt in a much better way.


Majority of the audience who watched '1 - Nenokkadine' in theaters were left confused and haven't been able to connect with the subject. But, The same people enjoy and appreciate Sukumar while watching the thriller on TV. This situation arised due to the complex nature of the subject. 'LIE' falls in this slot but that doesn't mean it will meet the same fate of the Mahesh-starrer.

IQ Levels of all the viewers can't be the same. Similarly, Everyone who watches 'LIE' mayn't appreciate it. While a section of people find it extremely good, Others find it like facing a difficult test. In the process of making an Intelligent film, The reach of this product is being restricted to one particular section of Audience. But, The fact that 'LIE' is a very good attempt can't be denied.

'LIE' keeps the audience guessing right from the beginning and audience will be on the edge of their seats because of it's intelligent screenplay. The plot chosen by Hanu Raghavapudi is very refreshing. Even the way he designed the character of Antagonist & narrated the story from Villain's point of view is laudable.

Mind Game of Hero-Villain is major attraction in 'LIE'. Had if the narration isn't so complex, The end result could have been lot better. Most of the audience find the intelligent screenplay confusing. This happened because focus of the Director is more on 'Intelligence' in 'Love - Intelligence - Enmity'. Neither Love nor Enmity were impressive. Overall, 'LIE' will be loved by audience who enjoy intelligent thrillers.

Bottom Line:
An Intelligent Thriller!