Thu Jan 26 2017 GMT+0530 (IST)


Movie Review: Lakkunnodu


Cast: Manchu Vishnu, Hansika, Jayaprakash, MVV Satyanarayana, Sravan, Prabhas Seenu, Vennela Kishore, Posani Krishna Murali, Suresh, Satyam Rajesh and Others.

Music: Achu

Background Score: Chinna

PG Vinda

Screenplay-Direction: Diamond Ratna Babu

MVV Satyanarayana

Story-Direction: Raaja Kiran

Release Date:
26th January 2016

Raaja Kiran made an impressive debut with 'Geetanjali'. He, however, failed to continue the same feat with 'Tripura'. This time, He attempted a comedy flick which is known to be the forte of Manchu Vishnu. After 'S3' got postponed, 'Lakkunnodu' has bee preponed to capitalize on Republic Day weekend. Let's see what it is all about…


Lucky (Vishnu) is a guy who brings bad fortune with him wherever he goes. That's why, His Father develops an aversion towards him and even his Girlfriend hates him. Dejected by these happenings, Lucky decides to commit suicide. Twist in the tale comes in the forms of Lucky accidentally stumbling upon Rs 25 crore currency which is being looted by a dreaded Criminal. How this incident changed the fortune of Lucky forever forms the rest of the tale.


Once again, Vishnu proved comedy scenes are a cake walk for him. He, however, wasn't up to the mark in emotional sequences.

Hansika as Positive Padma starts quite well but falls flat within no time. Apple-Pie Beauty lost the glow for which she is known for and even the make-up appears pathetic.

Jayaprakash does a decent job. MVV Satyanarayana tried villainy but ended up becoming a laughing stock. Neither he looks menacing nor the characterization was good enough. Satyam Rajesh & Vennela Kishore tickle the funny bone. Prabhas Seenu is alright.







Second Half


None of the songs composed by Achu are pleasing enough. Background Score by Chinna is just fine. Camera Work by PG Vinda is good. Few Dialogues penned by Diamond Ratna Babu were appreciable. Production Values of MVV Cinema are okay. Neither Story nor Screenplay written by Raaja Kiran have the required elements to make 'Lakkunnodu' a winner. Audience find the movie boring despite short run time. Expect nothing much other than few laughs from this movie.  


'Lakkunnodu' starts off as a light-hearted comedy entertainer. Characterization of the protagonist have the scope to generate oodles of humour. We get to see some really funny scenes in the combo of Vishnu & Satyam Rajesh. Even Vishnu-Vennela Kishore's track has come out well. However, The film loses track soon after the actual story gets started.

Launch of Producer MVV Satyanarayana as a Main Antagonist is the major setback of 'Lakkunnodu'. More impact could have been created had if an established actor did this role.

First Half is passable with few comedy scenes here and there. But, That can't be said about the Second Half. Silly/Illogical Scenes continue to test the patience of the viewer in this part. The mind game between Hero-Villain is hardly exciting. Even the emotional scenes in Climax lacked the depth.

Overall, 'Lakkunnodu' is a pretty ordinary attempt. Neither Vishnu nor Raaja Kiran gains anything in return despite spending a good amount of time on this project. Watch it if you are okay with few funny scenes it offers!

Bottom Line: Hardly Any Luck!