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Movie Review: Mister

Rating: 1.5/5

Cast: Varun Tej, Hebah Patel, Lavanya Tripathi, anand, Eshwari Rao, Satyam Rajesh, Srinivasa Reddy, Ragu Babu, Harish Uthaman, Murali Sharma, Nasser, Nagineedu, Shakalaka Shankar and Others.

Music: Mickey J Meyer

Cinematography: Guhan

Story: Gopi Mohan

Dialogues: Sridhar Seepana

Nallamalapu Bujji & Tagore Madhu

Screenplay & Direction: Srinu Vytla

Release Date:
14th April 2017

Srinu Vytla hit a bad patch with 'Aagadu' as he kept repeating similar template for years. Though he changed his style slightly for 'Bruce Lee', The end result was more or less similar. He then decided to make a romantic entertainer like 'Anandam' and incorporate his mark comedy blocks in it. That's how a project like 'Mister' materialized and it got released Today. Let's see if it helped Vytla bounce back after back-to-back disasters...


Pichai Naidu aka Chai (Varun Tej) who lives in Spain with his Parents accidentally meets Meera (Hebah Patel) and falls in love with her instantly. By the time he proposes to her, Meera discloses that she is in love with another person. Chai lands in India upon knowing that Meera's Marriage isn't happening as per the plan. His meeting with Chandramukhi (Lavanya Tripati) adds a twist to the story. How Chai resolves the whole issue and whom among the two will marry him forms the rest of the tale!


Varun Tej tries his best to make the proceedings entertaining. The way Srinu Vytla has designed his character makes 'Loafer' look much better than what it was!

Lavanya Tripati looks gorgeous but she doesn't have much scope to perform. Hebah Patel was neither able to impress with her glamour nor performance.  

Nasser does a fine job. 'Oopiri' spoof by Srinivas Reddy & Raghu Babu is decent. Priyadarsi makes his presence felt. Pruthvi's Comedy Track failed to tickle the funny bone. Nikitin Dheer, Harish Uttaman and Nagineedu are just okay in negative roles.



Production Values






'Mister' isn't the kind of film which suits Mickey J Meyer's style of Music. Only the melody 'Priya Swagatham' came out well. None of the Mass Tunes were appreciable. Even Background Score is very ordinary. Cinematography by Guhan is an asset. Visuals looked so rich throughout the movie. Story provided by Gopi Mohan seems to be a khichidi of few super hit films. Dialogues by Sridhar Seepana lack freshness. Production Values are grand. Once again, Srinu Vaitla failed completely as a Director. Audience can't find the Comic Timing for which Vytla's Films are known for and that's the biggest setback. Execution of the subject chosen by him is terrible.


While promoting 'Mister', Srinu Vytla kept saying that his new project is different from all the films he has done so far. Audience couldn't agree with his views after watching the movie. Though Vytla has given up his trademark 'baffoon' template, He took huge inspiration from commercial formula which has been used countless times.

Firstly, 'Mister' will be appreciated for its grandeur. Makers have shot the movie in several unseen/rare locations & lavish sets has been built. Cinematographer KV Guhan has done a fantastic job. Spain-based Love Story and 'Oopiri' spoof make the First Half bearable.

'Mister' missed the track completely in the Second Half. Neither Story nor Screenplay offer anything new. Viewers get irritated while watching the episode of Royal Family. One gets the feeling of watching 2-3 films at a time while seeing too many chasing and action scenes. Presence of too many actors confuse the audience and make them wait for the film to end as early as possible. Climax is even worse as forced emotions and unwanted action block tests the patience. Better Editing could have been a huge relief for the Movie Lovers.

As a Director, 'Mister' will be remembered as his worst product till date. Audience can't believe that the Filmmaker who made 'Anandam', 'Dookudu' and 'Baadshah' delivered such a sub-standard product. Even 'Aagadu' and 'Mister' appears like better films after watching 'Mister'. Overall, 'Mister' isn't the kind of film one expects from a filmmaker of Vytla's calibre.

Bottom Line: Watch It If You Have Nothing Worth Doing!

Disclaimer : This Review is An Opinion of One Person. Please Do Not Judge The Movie Based On This Review And Watch Movie in Theatre