Fri Mar 10 2017 GMT+0530 (IST)


Movie Review: Nagaram


Sundeep Kishan, Regina, Sri, Madhu, Charlie & Others

Music: Javed Riyaz


Dialogues: Shashank Vennelakanti

Ashwini Kumar Sahadev

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Lokesh Kanakaraj

Release Date:
10th of March 2017

Sundeep Kishan has done a handful of straight Telugu film so far. He, however, wasn't able to repeat the kind of success he tasted with 'Venkatadri Express'. This Young Hero has been signing few Tamil Films as well off late. His Tamil flick 'Maa Nagaram' is being dubbed into Telugu and released with the title 'Nagaram' Today. Let's see what it is all about...


A Youth who comes to the city in search of a job gets attacked by few goons and he loses all of his certificates because of them. Actually, It's a case of mistaken identity and the Rowdies were supposed to target another Youngster. How the life of these two individuals, with contrasting mentalities, get affected due to the kidnap of a kid forms the rest of the tale.


Audience could only see characters in 'Nagaram'. All the actors have got into the skin of their characters and given their best output. Sundeep Kishan has undergone a makeover. He tried a new look and excelled in the role of a Youth who is known for his aggression.

Shri has done a fine job. Regina's role doesn't have much prominence but still she makes her presence felt. Madhusudan & Charlie have done justice to their roles. It's Ram Das who essayed the role of Wilson will walk away with the top honors. A lasting impression has been created on the minds of people with this character.





First Half


Tamil Flavour


All the Technicians have given their best to support the vision of the Director. Background Score by Javed Riyaz carries the mood of the film so well. Though there weren't many songs, The one that features lead pair looks completely unnecessary. Cinematography by Selva Kumar is top notch. Editing isn't up to the mark. Production Values are good. Director Lokesh Kanakaraj has left a strong impact with his directorial debut. He narrated a Complex Subject very effectively. Each and every scene is linked to the other one in some manner. Thanks to the terrific Screenplay!


'Nagaram' is about few incidents happening in the life of few individuals in a span of 48 Hours. Director Lokesh Kanakaraj has chosen a 'Mistaken Identity' concept for his maiden flick. Four Stories have been narrated parallelly and all the characters reach the same spot during the climax, which is something on the lines of 'Vedam'.

This concept-based flick conveys the message - 'If You Help Others, Someone Else Might Help You In The Need Of The Hour'. 'Nagaram' offers thrills & entertainment in bits and parts. First Sequence itself gives an impression that 'Nagaram' isn't a regular commercial film. The film tests the patience of the audience in the First Half but keeps them engaged in the latter half.

Director takes a bit more time to establish the characters. First Half of the movie should have been more crisp.The impatience among Audience gets vanished after they realize every scene shown in the First Half has got a connection to the story. Notably, Telugu Audience mayn't appreciate to much of the Tamil Flavour.

Pre-Interval Sequence & Interval Bang lay a perfect platform for good Second Half. Unexpected Turns in all the four stories & the way all the threads were linked in the Climax is impressive. Screenplay is good but not as gripping as it should have been. Pre-Climax stood as a major highlight & even the Climax has been executed nicely. Overall, 'Nagaram' is strictly for A Centers & Multiplex Audience who love watching dark thrillers.

Bottom Line: Partly Engaging!