Nela Ticket

Fri May 25 2018 GMT+0530 (IST)

Nela Ticket

Movie Review: Nela Ticket

Rating: 1.75/5

Cast: Raviteja, Malvika Sharma, Jagapathi Babu, Sampath Raj, Ali, Praveen, Koumudi, Sarath Babu, Posani, Pruthvi, Brahmanandam, Jayaprakash Reddy and Others.

Music: Shaktikanth Karthik

Cinematography: Mukesh

Producer: Ram Thalluri

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Kalyan Krishna

Release Date:
25th May 2018

Raviteja is known for his Mass Masala Films. Director Kalyan Krishna shot to fame with back-to-back hits 'Soggade Chinni Nayana' and 'Rarandoi Veduka Chudam'. 'Nela Ticket', a mass entertainer in this combination, released Today.


Nela Ticket (Raviteja) is an orphan who believes in the concept 'Chuttu Janam - Madhylo Manam' is always ready to help the needy. An issue leads to a clash between the Protagonist & Home Minister Aditya Bhupati (Jagapathi Babu). Only after a point, The Minister realizes that Nela Ticket has been targeting him deliberately. What's the mission of the Protagonist? Find Answer in Theatres screening Nela Ticket!


Raviteja hardly got any scope to present himself differently. Sadly, Even the entertainment that Masses expect from him went missing in this film.

Heroine Malvika Sharma looks beautiful and provides required glamour quotient in the songs. She, however, appears to be misfit as Raviteja's Love Interest. Malvika needs to work a lot for improving her acting skills.

Jagapathi Babu's role is poorly etched. Even the character done by Sampath Raj doesn't click. None of the Comedians were able to tickle the funny bone.


Chasing Scene


80s Style Narration

Casting Of Heroine

Lengthy Run Time


Music Director Shaktikanth Karthik of 'Fidaa' fame disappoints. His style of music didn't suit this Mass Subject. Neither Songs nor Background Score were pleasing. Camera Work by Mukesh is appreciable, particularly the chase sequence. Production Values were just alright. Kalyan Krishna fails to meet the expectations. Audience get the doubt if he is the same filmmaker who delivered two solid hits upon watching 'Nela Ticket'.


'Nela Ticket' is a classic example of 'Old Wine in Old Bottle'. Hundreds of feature films has been made in this format already. This is why viewers return from theatres disappointed though they kept a tab on expectations upon watching the promos. Not even a single sequence in this 2 hr 45 min-long flick looks refreshing. Sadly, There aren't even elements which entertain the masses. Age Old Story & Screenplay, Poorly-etched Characters and Illogical Scenes is what this flick offers.

Hero migrates to Hyderabad and tries to do his bit for the people who are facing hardships. In the process, He ends becoming a rival to Influential Politician who wishes to become CM. To destabilize the Government, Villain transports Rs 1,000 crore required for the operation in a truck. Then, CM himself seeks the help of Hero to overcome the threat. That's how Hero becomes a saviour of the needy people. By Interval, Villain realizes the hidden agenda of the Protagonist. Then, A routine flashback is shown in the second half. Thereafter, Mind Game of Hero-Villain brings the story to Climax. This is what 'Nela Ticket' is all about.     

How did Raviteja accept such an outdated subject? Minimum guarantee comedy will be expected from his Films. Kalyan Krishna wasn't able to satisfy even the hardcore fans of Mass Raja. It's high time Raviteja introspects his choice of scripts and chooses the best to improve his success rate.

A Star Comedian like Brahmanandam was under-utilized in the movie. It shows how well Kalyan Krishna made use of the available resources. There are bunch of Actors in every scene to justify the concept 'Chuttu Janam - Madhyalo Manam' but none of them entertain. Raviteja delivered disasters in the past as well. Whereas, This isn't something audience expected from Kalyan Krishna who made sensible films such as 'Soggade Chinni Nayana' and 'Rarandoi Veduka Chudam'.

Bottom Line: Not Worth Buying Even Nela Ticket!