Sat Dec 24 2016 GMT+0530 (IST)


Movie Review: Pittagoda

Rating: 2.5/5

Cast: Viswadev Rachakonda, Punarnavi, Jabardasth Raju, Uyyala Jampala Raju, Siva RS, Srikanth RN and Others

Music: Pranam Kamalakar

Screenplay: Ram Mohan

Producer: Ram Mohan

Story, Dialogues & Direction: Anudeep

Release Date: 24th December 2016

Producer Ram Mohan carved a niche for himself in Telugu Film Industry with films such as 'Astha Chemma', 'Golconda High School' and 'Uyyala Jampala'. He is always willing to encourage Young Talent be it Actors or Technicians. This time, He gave a platform (Pittagoda) for many youngsters to exhibit their talent. Has they excelled or not? Let's check it out...


'Pittagoda' is based on the lives of four friends in Telangana town Godavari Khani. Tippu (Viswadev Rachakonda) hangs out with his three close buddies at pittagoda regularly. Love at first sight happens to him soon after watching Divya (Punarnavi) who's family shifts to the same locality. However, Divya rejects  Tippu's love proposal but accepts him as her Friend. A decision taken by Tippu for the sake of Divya lands all the four friends in Jail & creates differences between them. Why did Tippu do so? Were the friends reunited? How did the love story end? Know more by grabbing tickets of 'Pittagoda'!


Neither Viswadev Rachakonda nor Punarnavi have the features of a Hero-Heroine. Only the characters of Tippu & Divya could be seen when they appear on the screen. Both of them impress with their natural performance. Viswadev Rachakonda performs in a casual manner. Punarnavi steals the show with her expressive face.

All the three friends of the Hero tickle the funny bone. The Actor who played the antagonist is alright. Even rest of the cast were mostly debutantes. They have done a decent job.







Lacks Emotional Highs


'Pranam' fame Kamalakar makes a good comeback. His Songs were haunting. Especially, 'Emito Ela' track is too good. All the songs were situational and takes the story forward. Background Score isn't up to the mark. Particularly, RR provided for the scenes of the Villain is too loud. Camera Work by Uday is an asset to the movie. Dialogues were well written. Production Values are okay. Most of the shoot was done in natural locations with limited budget. Debutante Director Anudeep impressed with narration but the story chosen by him isn't good enough. Even Ram Mohan's Screenplay isn't interesting either.


Ram Mohan is known for subjects with simple stories, human emotions and realistic presentation. Hence, Audience connect with them very easily. Even 'Pittagoda' is no different. But, What it lacks is a strong point which takes the story forward and establishes an emotional connect!

Situational Comedy & Realistic Scenes are the strengths of 'Pittagoda'. However, Strong content which is required to keep the audience glued to the screens is missing. Particularly, Lack of emotional highs is a major drawback. Even the Love Story of lead pair didn't generate enough feel. Audience weren't able to involve in the subject due to lack of any strong element.

'Pittagoda' starts on a good note. The introduction of Hero & his Friends are entertaining. Even the take off of Hero-Heroine love track is good. Pre-Interval & Post-Interval Scenes appear silly. The change in Hero's Friends after the cancellation of Cricket Tourney is unconvincing. Even the flashback of Heroine is very ordinary. Climax is in a cinematic manner.

Natural Performances of Lead Pair & Comedy generated by Hero's Friends stood as the major highlights. Telangana dialect used for few characters hits the right chord. Technicians have done their best for this small-town subject. Overall, 'Pittagodu' entertains to some extent.

Bottom Line:
Just for few laughs!