Fri May 12 2017 GMT+0530 (IST)


Movie Review: Radha

Rating: 2.5/5

Cast: Sharwanand, Lavanya Tripati, Aksha, Ravi Kishan, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Ashish Vidyarthi, Shakalaka Shankar, Brahmaji, Tanikella Bharani, Jayaprakash Reddy and Others.

Music: Radhan

Karthik Ghattamaneni

Chandramohan - Kiran

BVSN Prasad

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Chandramohan

Release Date:
12th of May 2017

Sharwanand scored four back-to-back hits in the past three years. He now teamed up with debutante filmmaker Chandramohan & seasoned producer BVSN Prasad for 'Radha'. This Cop Drama has been released Today amidst good expectations. Let's see what it is all about…


Radhakrishna (Sharwanand) aspires to become a Cop since childhood. DGP uses special powers to appoint Radhakrishna as SI after he helped Police Department to nab few criminals. During his first posting in Warangal, Radhakrishna falls in love with the girl named Radha. Later, He gets transferred to Hyderabad where he gets into a tussle with Sujatha (Ravi Kishan) who is wannabe CM. Radhakrishna comes to know about the criminal track record of Sujatha and does all he can to prevent him from ruling the State. Has he succeeded in the mission? How did his love story end? Watch 'Radha' is theaters near you to know more!  


The performance of Sharwanand is like an extension of what he did in films like 'Run Raja Run' and 'Express Raja'. He stood as an asset and carried the whole movie on his shoulders. Be it comedy or romance or emotion, Sharwa comes out with flying colors.

Lavanya Tripati didn't get any scope to perform. But, She make a positive impression with the high of glamour. Particularly, Youth goes crazy watching her in 'Rabbit Pilla' song.

Aksha appears in a less significant role. Ravi Kishan goes overboard. Shakalaka Shankar tickles the funny bone. Ali, Sapthagiri, Kota, Tanikella, Jayaprakash Reddy and Ashish Vidyarthi have done a decent job.



Lavanya Tripati's Glamour






Radhan who offered good compositions for 'Andala Rakshasi' disappoints here. He failed to offer Music which suits a commercial entertainer. Songs & BGM are just so-so. Camera Work is alright. Dialogues aren't impressive. Production Values are okay. Debutante Director Chandramohan hardly left a mark of his own. Neither Story nor Screenplay is appreciable. Freshness one expects from a newbie is completely missing. Of course, The newbie succeeds to some extent in handling comedy scenes.


Sharwanand keeps saying 'Naaku Material Kavali' throughout the course of the movie. Sadly, 'Material' is the one crucial aspect which went missing in 'Radha'. Both Story & Screenplay appear routine. Viewers get the feeling of watching every scene in some of the super hit movies released in the past decade. For example, Ravi Kishan's track is hugely inspired from that of 'Race Gurram'.

Comedy in 'Radha' works in parts. Audience find it a time pass fare to some extent only because of this reason. Police Training episode & Scenes of Lead Pair were entertaining. Even Shakalaka Shankar and Sapthagiri generate humour at regular intervals.

Hero behaves like Joker but he successfully backstabs Villain. Doesn't it remind the viewers about 'Run Raja Run'? In this case, There aren't many twists n turns to thrill the audience. Once the final twist is revealed, The film gets very predictable towards the end.

First Half of 'Radha' is entertaining. Film takes a serious turn in the Interval but there is hardly any novelty in this crucial sequence. If not for the routine screenplay in Second Half, This Sharwanand-starrer would have been a commercial hit. Even reduction of Comedy Dose in the latter half worked against the movie. Overall, 'Radha' can be watched once if you doesn't bother about story, screenplay & logics.

Bottom Line: Funny Cop - Routine Substance!