Movie Review: U Turn

Thu Sep 13 2018 GMT+0530 (IST)

Movie Review: U Turn

Movie Review: U Turn!

Rating: 2.75/5

Cast: Samantha, Aadi Pinisetty, Rahul Ravindran, Bhumika, Naren, Ravi Prakash and Others.

Music: Poornachandra Tejaswi

Cinematography: Niketh Bommireddy

Producers: Srinivas Chitturi - Rambabu Bandaru

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Pawan Kumar

Release Date: 13th September 2018

Samantha has been continuing in the Top League since 'Ye Maya Chesave'. She is one of the very few Actresses who managed to continue on top even post marriage. For the first time ever, Samantha played female lead in a women-centric flick. She preferred the Telugu remake of Kannada super hit 'U Turn' for her maiden attempt. Let's see what this thriller could offer...


Rachana (Samantha), a news reporter, have a crush on her colleague Rahul (Rahul Ravindran) and even he likes her. She decides to prepare a story based on lack of civic sense among public. In the process, Details regarding the violation of traffic norms on a flyover has been collected by her. It's then a person gets killed in a mysterious manner and cops start suspecting Rachana. Cops come to know that whomever Rachana had approached for information regarding her story got killed one after the other. Are they natural deaths or murders? Watch 'U Turn' to know what has happened...!


Samantha excelled as an actor yet again. Be it her look, body language and acting, Everything appears way too different from her previous films. This is a very special film in her career.

Aadi Pinisetty got into the skin of the police officer role to give a honest performance. He maintained the right intensity required to build the tension.

Rahul Ravindran perform very well. Bhumika leaves a mark of her own despite appearing only for short time. Rest of the actors have done justice to their roles.








'U Turn' is technically sound. Background Score by Poornachandra Tejaswi and Camera Work by Niketh Bommireddy created the required mood for the Thriller. Production Values are adequate. Writer-cum-Director Pawan Kumar showed his command on thriller genre with this movie. Story & Screenplay of 'U Turn' is refreshing. Undoubtedly, This is a Director's Film. The Filmmaker, however, should have planned the Climax in a much better way.


First things first, 'U Turn' is a super-natural thriller with an under-current message to the society. Director Pawan Kumar of 'Lucia' fame offered a thrilling experience to the viewers with his story & screenplay. Never did the Filmmaker take any diversions for inclusion of commercial elements. Refreshing Story, Thrilling Screenplay & Marvelous Performances by the Lead Cast are the major highlights of 'U Turn'.

Maintaining the suspense till the very end is what matters the most in case of Thrillers. Pawan Kumar does that brilliantly! Viewers would be on the edge of their seats right from the first twist. Sequence will be beyond the anticipation or imagination of the audience. Investigation of the death mystery has been dealt so well. Though the pace drops a bit in the Second Half, Suspense has been maintained till the Climax.

Needless to worry about logic as it's a super-natural thriller. At times, Director took too much cinematic liberties. Twist in the climax mayn't be appreciated by everyone. Even the Run Time appears to be long compared to most of the films in thriller genre. Love Story isn't so interesting though it doesn't last for long. Intensity drops a bit during the Pre-Climax. Yes, 'U Turn' have some flaws but its a must watch for those who enjoy Thrillers.  

Bottom Line: Thrilling U Turn!