Thu Aug 24 2017 GMT+0530 (IST)


Movie Review: Vivekam


Ajith Kumar, Kajal Agarwal, Vivek Oberoi, Akshara Haasan, Karunakaran and Others.


Rajesh Murthi

Senthil Thyagarajan-Arjun Thyagarajan

Story-Screenplay-Direction: Siva

Release Date:
24th August 2017

Ajith is one of the very few Southern Films Stars who enjoys a massive fan following and commands lot of respect from everyone for the way he leads his life. Director Siva of 'Shouryam' and 'Dharuvu' fame delivered two super hits (Veeram, Vedhalam) with Ajith in the past. There is unprecedented hype on their third project 'Vivekam' all over South India. Telugu version of this stylish action entertainer released simultaneously with the Original Today.


Ajith Kumar (Ajith), a member of the Anti-Terrorist Squad, and four other secret agents work as a team against Terrorism. This Team comes to know that Terrorists have been planning artificial earthquakes. Just when they are about to crack down the case, Ajith gets the shock of his life. What's that major setback is all about & how did the protagonist accomplish the mission successfully forms rest of the tale.


The sincerity and the hardwork put in by Ajith could be seen on the screen. Ajith's Screen Presence & Performance are mesmerizing. Kajal Agarwal makes her presence felt in a crucial role. Though Vivek Oberoi has done his best, The role played by him could have been much more powerful. Akshara Haasan disappears after an appearance lasting for 10 minutes. Comedy by Karunakaran won't be appreciated much by the Telugu audience.


Action Blocks

Background Score


Production Values


Basic Plot


Second Half


Anirudh's Background Score is undoubtedly the best element in 'Vivekam'. He elevated every sequence beautifully with his background score. However, Songs composed by him are just passable. Vetri has given an global appeal to the film with his camera work. Production Values are lavish. Director Siva tried to elevate heroism as much as he can. Technically, He made this movie on par with the International standards. On the flip side, Content is the weak link here. Neither the story nor its treatment is refreshing. Lack of any exciting elements in the basic plot & screenplay worked against the movie. Audience could only remember Action Blocks after coming out of theaters.


First things first, Forget the word 'Logic' before stepping into the theatres of 'Vivegam'. In this movie, Ajith might have killed at least 1,000 Opponents though they have sophisticated fire arms. At one point, He survives even after receiving more than a dozen bullet injuries. May be, Hardcore Ajith Fans might love such scenes but not Telugu Audience.

Hero plays a Secret Agent - A Dear Friend of Hero backstabs him & Projects him as a Terrorist - Hero returns to see the end of his Friend turned Enemy...How many times have we come across similar plot in commercial films?

'Vivekam' is for those who crave for stylishly picturized action sequences. Action Blocks will last for at least 1 hour in this 2-and-a-half hours flick. Stunts can been seen even in Songs. This Ajith-starrer have action scenes required for 4-5 films. At one stage, Audience get the feeling of watching a video game. Background Score, Camera Work, Editing and Production Values are marvelous.

Makers projected 'Vivekam' as a spy thriller made on par with Hollywood standards. Though the film is technically sound, Content-wise it's a weak product. The film loses the track in the Second Half. Lack of novelty in Villain's Role & Unexciting mind game are the major drawbacks. Overall, 'Vivekam' is strictly for die-hard fans of Ajith.

Bottom Line: Boring action Video Game!