Vunnadi Okate Zindagi

Fri Oct 27 2017 GMT+0530 (IST)

Vunnadi Okate Zindagi

Movie Review: Vunnadi Okate Zindagi

Rating: 2.75/5

Cast: Ram, Anupama Parameswaran, Lavanya Tripati, Sri Vishnu, Priyadarsi, Kireeti, Anand, Raj Madiraju and Others

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Cinematography: Sameer Reddy

Producer: Krishna Chaitanya Pothineni

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Kishore Tirumala

Release Date: 27th of October 2017

'Nenu Sailaja' ended the flop streak of Ram which began post 'Kandireega'. He once again teamed up with Kishore Tirumala who gave him the much-needed hit. Let's see how 'Vunnadi Okate Zindagi' has shaped up...


Abhi (Ram) & Vasu (Sri Vishnu) are best buddies since childhood. Vasu goes to Delhi for a two months project. That's when Mahalakshmi (Anupama Parameswaran) meets Abhi and love blossoms between them. Just when Abhi was about to express his love, Vasu returns from the trip & gets to know that his Best Friend is in love with Mahalaksmi who happens to be his Uncle's Daughter. What did Abhi do in such a situation? Did he sacrifice his love for friendship or not? Watch 'Vunnadi Okate Zindagi' to know how triangle love story affected each one of them!


After 'Nenu Sailaja', Once again Ram has given a settled performance. The maturity in his performance can be seen in this movie. He emoted beautifully in the emotional scenes with Anupama and Sri Vishnu.

Sri Vishnu essayed a role that's equivalent to that of Hero. He played his part very convincingly and does really well in emotional scenes.

Anupama Parameswaran steals the show with her performance in the meaty role. Be it her look, role & acting, Everything appears so different from what she has done so far. Lavanya Tripati does a decent job. Her character doesn't have much significance but makes her presence felt with glamour show.

Priyadarsi tickles the funny bone with his trademark dialogue delivery every time he appeared on the screen. Kireeti does a fine job. Rest of the cast is adequate.


Lead Actors

Musical Score




Slow Paced

Lavanya Tripati's Role


'Vunnadi Okate Zindagi' is technically sound. After a long gap, DSP did equal justice to both songs and background score. 'Trend Marina..' & 'Rayyi Rayyimantu..' are the best tracks in the album. Re-recording took the emotional scenes to the next level. Camera Work by Sameer Reddy is flawless. Production Values are on par with the standards of Sravanthi Movies. Once again, Kishore Tirumala showcased his expertise at Writing. The way he designed the roles of Ram, Sri Vishnu & Anupama, and weaved a story around the three characters deserve a special mention. Dialogues penned by him are praise worthy. As Director, Kishore Tirumala isn't at his very best this time. The narration is tad too slow at times & it will have an impact on the end result.  


Hero & Heroine loves each other. Even Hero's Friend is in love with the same girl. We might have seen such a situation in many films so far. Usually, Hero doesn't express his love in such cases because of the Friendship. Contrary to it, Hero reveals the matter to his Friend immediately and they both propose to the Heroine at once. That's how 'Vunnadi Okate Zindagi' is unique, without offering any scope for unbearable melodrama.

Audiences could connect to every scene instantly because they are picturized so naturally with utmost honesty. Kishore Tirumala hasn't taken much cinematic liberties and gave least importance to commercial elements. He showed the command on screenplay yet again and presented the content in a refreshing manner. The roles, scenes and conversations were so simple and close to reality. Particularly, Bonding between all the three lead characters was presented beautifully.

On the flip side, Pace of 'Vunnadi Okate Zindagi' is too low at many places and this causes inconvenience to the viewers. Had if the Makers focussed on this aspect, This movie could have reached out to a much larger section of audience.

Love story of the Lead Pair is really endearing. The scenes establishing the love between them generate fun & were appreciable. 'Rayyi Rayyimantu...' song is one of the high points in the movie. Pre-Interval Sequence is something everyone will love immensely. Post Interval, The impact reduces due to lack of strong point other than waiting for the friends to unite. Goa episode appears to be stretched a bit. Scenes of Lavanya Tripati are pretty ordinary as her character wasn't etched well. Ram-Sri Vishnu combination scenes & Comedy generated by friends gang make the proceedings passable. Again, The tempo picks up with emotional quotient & good dialogues in the Climax. Overall, 'Vunnadi Okate Zindagi' is a feel-good entertainer.

Bottom Line: Slow...but Heart Touching!