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Movie Review: Yaman

Rating: 2.75

Cast: Vijay Antony, Mia George, Thiagarajan, Arul Jyothi, Sangili Murugan, Charli and Others.

Music: Vijay Antony

Cinematography: Jeeva Shankar

Producer: Miryala Ravindar Reddy

Story, Screenplay & Direction:
Jeeva Shankar

Release Date: 24th February 2017

Vijay Antony created a market for himself in Telugu States with 'Bichagadu'. Since then, He began promoting the Telugu versions of his Tamil projects aggressively. Though 'Bethaludu' was disappointing, Telugu Audience were excited about his new release 'Yaman'. Let's see what it is up to...


Political Opponents kill Devarkonda Gandhi (Vijay Antony) who is a strong contender for MLA seat and gets elected from the same constituency. Following which, The W/O of Gandhi commits suicide leaving behind infant son Ashok Chakravarthy (Vijay Antony). The need for quick money forces Ashok to serve jail sentence for the accident committed by someone else. This imprisonment changes the course of his life journey. He decides to enter active politics to fight against two powerful groups who are after him. The consequences he faced in the process of achieving the goal forms the rest of the tale.


Prior to the release of 'Yaman', Vijay Antony confessed that he isn't a good actor and certain kind of scripts have been preferred by him due to the limitations he have. But, That doesn't mean this Composer-cum-Hero is a bad actor. He carried the intensity required for Ashok's role quite well. Yet again, Vijay proved serious roles are his forte and his screen presence is impressive.

Heroine Mia George is just alright. She have only five scenes and two songs to make her presence felt.

Thiagarajan stood like a backbone for 'Yaman' and his role is very crucial in the context of the movie. But, The dubbing provided to his character wasn't pleasing.

The Actor who essayed the Minister's role has done a fine job. He used his eyes to good effect to convey a lot of emotions. Rest of Actors have been adequate.




Background Score



Slow Pace

Tamil Flavour


None of the songs composed by Vijay Antony have a repeat value. It's his Background Score which stood as an asset by elevating Heroism in crucial scenes. Director Jeeva Shankar is also the Cinematographer for 'Yaman'. So, He delivered the kind of output he envisioned and created the required mood with his camera work. Jeeva Shankar has done fine job both as a writer and director. 'Yaman' could have been even better had if few twists n turns were included and good pace was maintained. Even a crisp Editing could be of great use.


First things first, 'Yaman' is a Political Thriller. It shows the gradual rise of an Common Man in Politics and how he scaled new heights overcoming all the odds. The mindset and working style of Politicians have been presented in a realistic manner. This Vijay Antony-starrer, however, failed to be a gripping thriller due to lethargic pace and lack of ample thrilling moments.

The best part about 'Yaman' is the realistic approach opted by the Makers. Very few cinematic liberties have been taken. Story & Characters are the major attractions in this political drama. Not even once the Director deviates from the main plot. Each and every character has got an identity.

Characterization of the Male Lead is worth mentioning. The jail sequences of Vijay Antony stand out. Intense performance and terrific background score make this episode a highlight. The way three main characters try to manipulate each other have been portrayed beautifully.

On the flip side, Songs which effect the flow of the movie & Slow Pace remain as major drawbacks. Lacks of thrilling twists is a concern. Few unwanted scenes in Second Half tests the patience of the viewer. The Romantic Track appears like an unnecessary episode though it's not bad at all. It was only during the Pre-Climax, The film gets back on the right track and generates good impact till the very end. Overall, 'Yaman' is for those who enjoy realistic Political Dramas.  

Bottom Line:
The rise of a Politician!