2.0 - 8 Days Collections: Neither Good Nor Bad!

Sat Dec 08 2018 10:44:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

'2.O' collected Gross of Rs 436 crore and Share of Rs 228 crore Worldwide by the end of 8 Days. Worldwide Theatrical Rights of the costliest Indian Film are valued at Rs 370 crore.  That means 61.6 percent recovery happened by the end of extended week 1.

North India:

Almost 45 percent of the All India Collections have been contributed by this Territory alone. Karan Johar, Distributors and Producers have been jumping in joy as it's still doing well.

South India:

Tamil Nadu: A Disaster for sure. While the rights were acquired for Rs 100 crore, Only Rs 40 crore share has been generated so far.

Telugu States: Rs 41.7 crore out of Rs 72 crore invested has been recovered and unlikely to achieve break-even.

Distributors and Buyers of '2.O' gonna incur losses in Kerala and Karnataka as well.


Generating just $4.3 million from North America, that too with a film like '2.O' is disappointing. The end result could have been lot better had if US Distributor planned the release well.

'2.O' achieved break-even in Australia and New Zealand.

Rs 51.2 crore out of Rs 75 crore invested in Overseas has been recovered.

2.O 8 Days Collections:

North India: Gross - Rs 145 crore; Share - 71 crore

AP/Telangana: Gross - Rs 66 crore; Share - Rs 41.70 crore

Tamil Nadu: Gross - Rs 68 crore; Share - Rs 40 crore

Karnataka: Gross: - Rs 34.5 crore; Share - Rs 17 crore

Kerala: Gross - Rs 15.8 crore; Share - Rs 7.10 crore

2.O All India Collections: Gross - Rs 330 crore; Share - Rs 176.80 crore

2.O Overseas Collections: Gross - 106.5 crore; Share - Rs 51.2 crore

2.O Worldwide Collections: Gross - 436 crore; Share - Rs 228 crore