Decoding 2.O Teaser: Here's Film Story

Fri Sep 14 2018 12:34:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

The much-awaited teaser of Shankar's upcoming magnum opus 2.O got unveiled yesterday. It is a known fact that the makers are investing a massive amount of 543 crores in this movie. However, a leading daily published that the budget of the movie is 1000 crores.

Meanwhile, the Lyca productions are already thinking how to get by those 500 crores back, but the media, on the other hand, is increasing the budget day by day. Keeping the budget aside, the teaser unveiled by Shankar is filled with graphics. Now, some of the die-hard fans of Rajinikanth have finally decoded the concept of 2.O based on the teaser. In the starting of the teaser, we can see a cell phone tower in which a person is seen hanging to death and the birds surrounding him. The next scene is Akshay Kumar like a magnet grabbing the cell phones. So, scientist Vaseekar(Rajini Kanth) wanted to create a small robot which can fight against Akshay Kumar.

As per the reports, because of the growing technology, there will be a threat to the existence of birds and animals. Because of the radiation from the mobile phones, there is a big chance of birds and animals to get extinct. Akshay Kumar who is an honest person also dies but turns as a superpower to take the revenge. But as he is becoming uncomfortable for the people, Vaseekar remake 'Chitti- The Robot' to fight against him.

This is the story decoded by the fans of Rajnikanth based on the teaser. If this is true then we can say that Akshay Kumar's role will definitely dominate the Rajnikanth's character. But if it is so, can the movie impress the South audience? However, Akshay Kumar is just an anti Hero in the movie but not a villain.