I'll Get Paid Least If The Film flops: Aamir

Thu Oct 12 2017 15:45:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

Aamir Khan is the biggest superstar in Bollywood.  Whenever he comes up with a new film, Bollywood box office records will be re-written with a huge margin.  If we look at his films in the last ten years, they turned out to be huge money-spinners at the box office.  It is known that his last film 'Dangal' turned out to be the highest grossing Indian film of all time crossing the 'Bahubali 2' record.

Aamir is getting ready for the release of his new film 'Secret Superstar' which is hitting the screens on October 19.   Aamir is busy with the promotions of this film and he revealed several interesting things during one of the promotional interviews.  When he was asked about his remuneration, he said that "I take a percentage of the profits of my film.  Assuming that my film would do well and it makes a profit. Fortunately, my films have made profits.  If they don't make profits, I'm the guy who takes the hit".

"I follow the oldest method of asking for money in performing arts.  You perform for everybody and you take out your cap and if people like your work, they give you money.  If they don't like your work, they turn their back at you and leave from the place."  According to the Bollywood media reports, Aamir charges 60- 70% of the profits as his remuneration and he said to have earned Rs. 300 crores for 'Dangal'.