This actress scolded Bigg Boss!

Mon Jul 17 2017 20:13:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

Manasa Himavarsha got some name and fame with the movie, Romance. But she could not stay in the limelight for long even though she had some good roles in movies like 'Fashion Designer'. But now the actress has become the 'Talk of the Town' with her controversial statement against Bigg Boss.

The makers have considered many names as the participants for Telugu Bigg Boss and auditioned them as well. Manasa also auditioned for the show and got rejected like many. The young lady after watching the first episode commented on social media, "Thank God, I'm not part of this show."

Well, the fans of actor Jr. NTR who is hosting the show took it too personally and they attacked and abused her on social media. They did not relent even when the actress clarified that she commented the show and not Jr. NTR. Still, few insiders and common audience also commented that her getting to a conclusion, only with one that too opening episode, is not good on her part.

We too ask fans of Jr. NTR to show some restrain as commenting on a show is not commenting their beloved star and  think judging a show based on just one episode is also not right. It's like grapes are sour as they are too high to catch!