Daughter Asked Her Dad To Quit Films

Tue Jun 12 2018 11:12:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

Rajinikanth is ruling Tamil cinema as the unbeatable Superstar for several decades but her daughter asked her unexpected wish.  She asked her dad to stop doing films.  Rajini's latest film 'Kaala' became a success and he also entertained the audience with his typical mannerism proving once again that the charm didn't decrease in Rajini.   Aishwarya asking him to quit films now has become an interesting topic among his fans.

Why did she ask Rajini such a wish?  She said that she didn't want her father to stop doing films completely but he should stop them in a phased manner.  She opined that it would be good if her father spends more time with the family by quitting films.  She felt that it is not right to focus more on films now.

She said that her father often says 'We should not be on top of the sky of we are happy, we should not get so much depressed if we are sad' and it is her inspiration.  Everything is fine.  Rajini usually does a film per a year or couple of years but Aishwarya felt that his father is not spending enough time with family.  Then what about his political entry? If he plunges into politics in a full-fledged manner, he will be busy 24 hours.. what is Aishwarya's take on his politics then?