This Telugu Girl Is Trying Her Luck In TFI After Winning Over Others!

Sun Mar 17 2019 18:13:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

We normally see many Telugu girls get first chances in other languages and later we find out that they are from Telugu land and households.

We start to feel bad that we did not recognize such talent before. Anyways, Aishwarya Rajesh daughter of yesteryear Telugu actor, Rajesh, is trying her luck in Telugu now.

She grew up in Chennai and hence, started her career in Tamil TV. Later, she did Malayalam film and then she earned great fame with Vada Chennai.

She acted in critically acclaimed Kanaa in Tamil and the movie became a good hit at box office too. Satyaraj got a good name in father role.

As a cricketer from village, she gave her best in the role. This movie is being remade in Telugu with Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao as director in the production of K.S. Ramarao.

Movie is titled as Cricketer Kousalya Krishamurthy. Rajendra Prasad is acting as the father of the young cricketer in Telugu.