OMG! Akhil Got Lied About Sachin Like This

Mon Dec 11 2017 16:27:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

Akhil Akkineni is one of the few youngsters in our Telugu Cinema, who is highly driven and positive about the career growth at every point. He is seen highly passionate about Cricket other than films and Akhil agreed that his second love after films in life is cricket. He also shared that he used have his room completely decorated with Sachin's images.

He revealed that he treats Sachin like God and will always maintain to admire him like that. He said, "I used to show lot of interest on cricket and bunk classes to even watch the games. I used to passionately play the game and many thought I will be a professional cricketer. But I was more driven to films from young age and I decided to join by the time I was into my teens. But as I had a great interest I pursued training in cricket as well."

He shared a memory from his childhood related to Sachin. "I used to admire Sachin so much that I used to follow whatever he does. I used to wear his styles whenever I was given a choice. Looking at my admiration towards him one day my mother lied to me about him to decrease my non-veg consumption. I used to eat a lot and as she is an animal lover and also worried about my health, she said Sachin eats Lady fingers or Okra fry and curry more and never eats non-veg. So, I reduced eating non-veg and I used to eat Lady fingers curry every day. I realised she lied to me after a long time and I am still in awe of Lady fingers."