After Sanitary Revolution, Milk Revolution!

Mon Feb 12 2018 13:25:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

Akshay Kumar is on a role to do biopics and subjects that bring out National Interest to the forefront. He recently, did Toilet - Ek Prem Katha, that highlighted the sanitary problems in villages.

Then, he did PadMan, that released last weekend, to highlight the sanitary pad revolution in India. He did a good job in bringing the story of Muthuramalingam, to Celluloid in two hours film.

The movie has become a good hit and over the weekend it collected good gross in India and Worldwide too. Akshay Kumar continued to give another success at the box office.

Now, he is looking to bring the story of Varghese Kurien, the man who orchestrated White Revolution in India.

He revolutionised milk sale and milk products in India. He brought dairy farming to India and improved the quality of milk sold in India. He also developed the plants to give Skimmed Milk and milk powder packets to various households at affordable costs.

His tie-up with various similar thinking entrepreneurs gave rise to Amul, that became a pioneer in Indian White Revolution history. His birthday, 26th November, is observed as National Milk Day.

Sri Narayana Singh, who made Toilet and making Batti Gul, will direct this movie and it will be based on I Too Had A Dream, book written by Varghese Kurien about his life. Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Films will produce this biopic.