You naughty Ali.. Is that an adult joke?

Sun Mar 19 2017 13:52:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

No one can predict Ali when he takes the mic on the stage..his comments are totally unpredictable.  Ali doesn't like to talk normal. He tries to add masala in his speech.. and sometimes this gives rise to adult jokes.  It is known that Ali's comments in the past lead to controversies. But Ali delivered a composed speech in 'Katama Rayudu' audio function yesterday.  Even though he didn't crack any adult joke in his speech.. he appears to have cracked some adult joke while Sharrath Marar was giving his speech.  No one knows what was his joke.. but Pawan couldn't control his laugh and responded in a wierd manner.

It is known that Pawan gave a speech in Harvard University during his US visit last month.  It was a hot topic and everybody was talking about Pawan speech.  Reminding about this, Sharrath told that everybody was talking about his speech but Pawan appeared handsome in suit.  He continued saying that Pawan is double handsome in white lungi costume in 'Katama Rayudu'.  Exactly at this point.. Ali said some thing secretly to Pawan.  That's it.. Pawan couldn't control his laughter.. and gave wierd expressions.

Probabaly Ali might have cracked some 'naughty' joke here.  Otherwise Pawan would not react in such a way.  Anyone who has fair idea about Ali's jokes can easily guess what might be that joke.. going by the flow of Sharrath Marar's dialogues.