Try A Different Question!: Tabu On Marriage

Fri Oct 13 2017 18:30:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

The marriage of celebrities has been an interesting topic for our society. The same thing will be reflected in media interviews.  Right from Rahul Gandhi in Politics to Salman Khan in films no person can escape the questions related to marriage.  Even Prabhas is also facing the heat in the recent past.  Not just male celebrities but there are some female celebrities are also facing the marriage-related questions.. Hyderabad based actress Tabu is one of them.

Tabu is forty-five now but she is not talking about her marriage. Media has poked her several times regarding her marriage and they couldn't find the logical answer. Tabu was asked the same question when she recently gave an interview to a leading newspaper as part of the promotions of upcoming Bollywood film 'Golmaal Again'.  Needless to say, she got irritated and said that "Everybody appears to be worried about Salman Khan's and my marriage.  I'm bored of listening to the same question again and again.  Come out of the zone and ask some interesting and new questions."

As audience get bored of routine content in films, film celebrities are getting bored of routine questions.  They are expecting some different questions from the media.  Fair expectation.. isn't it?