Allari Naresh's Mahesh Connection For His Next Films

Mon May 21 2018 23:17:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

Allari Naresh is seen as the comedy MVP of Telugu Cinema. He is the only hero to have an image as one of the best comic heroes in recent times.

He is struggling from past few releases as he is unable to deliver a hit. Now, he is back doing a movie with Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao who made his previous hit film, Sudigadu.

For this film, Mahesh Babu's recent big hit song, Vacchadayyo Saami is being considered as the title.

Sources close to media houses and from the team confirmed this, "We had to rule out the title, "Silly Fellow", as it has been registered by another production house.  

Bheemineni Sreenivasa Rao, the producer and director, considered ‘Sudigadu 2’ for some time before coming to a conclusion that it would raise the expectations unimaginably, which he didn’t want.

 He is now contemplating to name it as ‘Vachadayyo Saami’ as it goes with the film’s story. The official announcement can nbe expected soon," said the source.

Well, Allari Naresh is reported to be starring in Mahesh25 as his close friend. Now, he is going to use the popular phrase from Mahesh's song as the title. Isn't it an interesting connection?