Allu Praised Him Last Month, Slams Him Now

Fri Apr 20 2018 14:21:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

The only thing constant in life is change.. it is a popular saying in English.  The rule applies to everybody and maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is no exception.  Even though RGV lands into controversies by commenting on people, issues, god, religion, festivals in his own style.. many people have ignored him.  Even his fans used to enjoy the 'different point of view' which is the USP of Varma.  But one thing has completely changed the situation.  

When Ram Gopal Varma claimed that he is the one behind Sri Reddy targeting Pawan and he made Sri Reddy use a cuss word against Pawan he lost all the support.  RGV used to garner support from some section of people in the past on many issues but no one is coming in support of him now.  It is known that Allu Aravind has already blasted him in a press meet yesterday.  

Surprisingly the same Allu Aravind praised RGV a month ago during Sridevi Condolence meet.  He said that many people think different about Varma but his letter addressing Sridevi shows how he loves Sridevi.  He praised him for penning such a beautiful letter.   It is interesting to note that Varma targeted mega family on several occasions in the past but he praised him without keeping all those things in his mind.  Now, the same Allu Aravind lashed at him saying that he is an intelligent crook.