Bunny Vas Tweet: Is it a warning?

Wed Nov 22 2017 19:39:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Tweet placed by Bunny Vas post the announcement of Nandi Awards saying Mega Heroes need to learn acting from TDP Government gave an impression to the people that selection process wasn't impartial. Later, This Young Producer even took part in News Channel debate to speak about the injustice done to Mega Family since 2002.

If the buzz is to be believed, A Minister mounted pressure on Allu Aravind to ensure his close confidante doesn't make any more statements against TDP Government. The Tweet from Bunny Vas on Tuesday evening gave an impression that Mega Producer might have ignored the warning. Whereas, Bunny Vas surprised everyone with his tweet last night. 'Its good for all to close down nandi issue. Calm down.. enjoy the work,' he wrote.

One can sense what could have happened in the background watching the U-Turn of Bunny Vas. Either the news about pressure on Allu Aravind could be true or  Somebody might have warned Bunny Vas by saying - 'Its good for all to close down nandi issue'.