Bunny Was A Great Man In His Past Life!

Mon Jun 19 2017 13:42:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

Many people say that they don't believe concepts like past life.. reincarnation.. but most of them will have good interest.  When it comes to films, they make audience believe that all these concepts are true.  We all know that film industry is a place for several sentiments and industry persons have huge belief in astrology.

A popular astrologer SV Naganath revealed with interesting things about Stylish Star Allu Arjun's previous life.   Naganath is popular with his programmes on small screen.  He appears in several tv channels and analyzes the future of people by mixing science with astrology in his typical style.  In recent programme he revealed about Bunny's past life. He said that "Allu Arjun was a farmer in his past life. He used to live in North India.  When he was ploughing his field, he found a pot of gold coins but he distributed them to the poor people.  He was a great man".

You may get doubts like 'How did he know about all these things ? Did Allu Arjun approach Naganath for astrology services?  But it is very tough to get answers !  Industry persons believe in several things like astrology, numerology, Vastu and Sentiments. They may not take this seriously even if Bunny approached the astrologer or not.