He Was Treating Me Like A Sex Object - Amala Paul

Sun Feb 11 2018 22:35:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

Heroines in South Cinema, don't usually get enough respect. They are treated as sexually chargeable particles by glamour hawks.

They treat women as people who are made to only answer their desires and doesn't women at all. Such people do exist in our Industry like Harvey Weinstein in Hollywood.

Amala Paul encountered such a person now. The guy was a businessman but the person who organises events as well.

He sexually harassed her and his name is Azhagesan. Amala spoke to media about him and said, "When I had gone to do dance rehearsal, a man spoke to me unpleasantly, like he was conducting a trade. I was very shocked and humiliated. That's why I immediately came to complain to the police station."

Actor Vishal, who is also the president of TFPC and secretary of Nadigar Sangam, appreciated Amala for coming forward and encouraged many women to react and not hide it.

Amala thanked him for his support on social media.

"Thank you Vishal for standing by me and assuring me that I must not let it go, and I didn’t, now I believe it's every woman's duty, to not let it go and stand for themselves. He was ready to trade me off like a meatloaf, his guts make me sick, his existence makes me sick #MeToo https://t.co/SEPrE4bxPr"

Well, when the discussion about treating women ad sexual objects in work place is going on, such kind of complaints will give morale boost to many other women who are going through such problems as well.