Viral Video: Did Amala really smoke?

Tue Sep 12 2017 22:17:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

Amala Paul has become one of the most controversial actresses ever since her marriage to director Vijay and following break up. Her choices of films, Suchi Leaks, her temperament have all been surrounding her. Also, adding to them a video has been doing rounds on the internet saying that the actress has been caught smoking.

Well, even we were taken aback by the real looking smoking scene and thought may be some body got hold of a video when she is smoking. Actually, there is no wrong if someone smokes in their real life but as a celebrity who promotes the idea of No Smoking looking at her do so made many call her an hypocrite and many names.

The actress just stayed away from commenting on it and we finally found out that the footage looks too good to be shot by someone on a mobile cam. There is clear cut DI work too and hence, we tried to find out if in any film, Amala Paul smoked. We got to know that she did smoke on screen for Achayans a Malayalam movie. So, in real life she might not be smoking so stop spreading unhealthy gossips about her!