Can This Movie Be Equal To Arjun Reddy?

Tue Nov 14 2017 16:45:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

In Telugu Cinema, we are witnessing a wave of change with new movies and new themes coming into prominence leaving behind the old school techniques. Arjun Reddy and Pelli Choopulu are best examples of how new age filmmaking is evolving with youngsters looking more towards western cinema for inspiration and novelty.

But can all makers and all movies be equated to Arjun Reddy or Pelli Choopulu? When you see a teaser for Arjun Reddy, you immediately understand the difference between this movie and others. Also, there is a lot of uniqueness to it that youth ran to the theatres to watch the movie. Pelli Choopulu too had an unique tone to it that no one can try to imitate in the same way.

Recent movie, Mental Madilo with Sri Vishnu and Nivetha Pethuraj as leads seems to be directly trying to copy from Pelli Choopulu and the captivity of original is missing. Still Amazon decided to pay equal for digital rights of the movie like they did for Arjun Reddy. The movie created a sensation even on Amazon Prime, the online video streaming service. It got an amount of 1.6 crores for rights and the same as been paid to Mental Madilo as well. Soon the movie is going have a theatrical release and it made 80% of the production cost just by selling the digital rights, as per the reports.