Rashmi Gautham Gives Fake Alert

Sun Dec 09 2018 10:07:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

Rashmi Gautham is the hottest beauty in the T Town currently and she is always the first to react when something wrong happens. The actress who happens to be one of the reasons for the popularity of Jabardasth TV show usually attends a lot of events. In the same manner, she was recently approached for an event in Tirupathi but she was yet to give her consent for the same.

Apparently, it is planned with both Rashmi and Sudigali Sudheer of Jabardasth TV show. The event is called, 'Stay Fit Tirupathi 10K Run' which was supposed to take place on 9th December in Tirupathi. The event organizers have published banners and hoardings all over Tirupathi and have started promoting that Rashmi is coming to the event.

Rashmi who came across the poster has tweeted, "Hey all so I'm not part of this event these guys never confirmed anything but have gone ahead and put my pic up there so if any one knows these sponsors pls pass the news #fakealert"

Later, the event manager tried telling her that he paid money to the manager but Rashmi refuted his statements saying, "Pls get your facts right before making random statements you will be proven wrong on so many levels but if you still wish to go down this lane then pls do"