If I Dance, I Would Get Movies, But I Won't

Wed Mar 14 2018 20:16:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

Not everyone has the courage to speak about everything publicly. Especially when it comes to the celebrities, they have to speak everything carefully. But Andrea Jeremiah does not belong to this category and she has proved this with her speech on women's day.

Not only the society but also the film industry is a male-dominated one. Though it is a known fact, no one has the courage to speak about it. But Andrea is an exception. She recently starred in the movie titled as Taramani. The movie became a hit and Andrea's performance has impressed the audience. But the actress hasn't received any new offers. Angered by this, while speaking with media on Women's Day Andrea made some controversial comments. "If I had danced in three songs in Vijay's movie then I would have been offered at least 4 to 5 movies. Even though they like my acting why am I not getting at least one offer?" questioned Andrea.

She added that she is not ready to get stuck with only glamorous roles and she wants the audience to recognise that Andrea can do both sexy roles and performance oriented roles well. She also lashed out that it is not her wish to wear short dresses.