Anjali Started Her Glamour Show

Wed Feb 14 2018 11:29:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telugu beauty who settled in Tamil industry is none other than Anjali. Even though she gained a good recognition in Tollywood, she became a star heroine in Tamil only. The actress has recently lost so much weight and became a slim beauty.

Anjali used to have a handful of projects in the past but as she was putting on so much weight the offers gradually decreased for this dusky beauty. Even the filmmakers started ignoring her. Vexed Anjali spent all her time in doing workouts and lost an incredible amount of weight. She recently posted a picture of her wearing a short dress on Twitter and the audience was surprised to see her new look. Some is asking if it is really Anjali or not.

Anjali is confidently giving statements that she will flaunt her glamour and all the coming days are hers. Based on her latest hot, pictures it seems like this actress has already started her trails to make her statement true. She is grabbing the attention of all the glamour lovers with a single picture. Isn't it?