Stunning Transformation Of Anjali!

Mon Mar 12 2018 11:49:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

All heroines will not be slim.. some of them will appear chubby.  If they do not take proper care, they will shape out within no time.  Heroine Anjali falls into this category.   Anjali looked chubby right from the beginning of her career.

Her look was chubby in hit films like 'Seethamma Vaakitlo  Sirimalle Chettu'.. 'Geetanjali.  As she gained more weight later, she looked odd and offers decreased for her.  But there is a change in her look in the last few months.  Her new look suggests that she is sincerely working on shedding excess weight.  She has recently shared a few selfies standing in front of the mirror.

Anjali shared a few pics with a tweet "Fun time playing w the girl in the mirror #AirportStylesAreBest".  Everybody is surprised to see her fit and she got huge appreciation in the social media.  Some netizens are even shocked whether she is really Anjali or not?  She is looking more beautiful than ever by losing oodles of weight int he waist part.  

On the professional front, Anjali is going to work on 'Geetanjali' sequel in Telugu soon.