Photo Story: She Kissed Her Real Hero

Mon Mar 12 2018 16:43:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

When a love-struck picture of two celebrities gets leaked online or they post it themselves on social media then they obviously go viral on the internet. If the celebrities are already married then instead of curiosity the fans go 'aww' seeing those pics. The latest picture of Anushka Sharma with her handsome hubby Virat Kohli is also taking the internet by storm.

Recently Anushka kissed her real-life hero on cheek and Virat captured that beautiful moment in a selfie. That selfie pic is creating ripples all over the social media now. As Anushka shared the pic on her Instagram handle, it recorded 7 lakh likes in just an hour. As Virat also shared the same picture, it received 12 lakhs likes in a short time.

The netizens are also posting cure comments about the pic and blessing the newlyweds to live a long life together. As both these busy bees who are very much talented in their own fields got a little time free, they are spending it together by making memories. Because of their busy schedules, it would be hard for them to take offs but they are making time for each other which is a sweet thing.